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The Magic Of Green Magic

Proto-col's Green Magic

Recently the Formula One racing circus put on a great display at Monte Carlo with Australian Mark Webber winning an incident packed race. But how would Webber’s car perform if his team had filled his car with the wrong fuel?

The problem here is our bodies are just the same. Fill them with the wrong fuel then they will not perform at all well. And yet that is what most of us do everyday.

In 1960 the chances of a woman developing breast cancer was 1 in 20 but recent figures show this has reduced to 1 in 8 today. In the United Kingdom alone the cases have increased by twenty five percent between 1975 and 2004. The male sperm count was recorded as 100 million per millilitre in 1940 but only 50 million in 1990. There have been claims the figure has now reached 5 million and predictions that many men will be infertile within fifty years.

The chances of suffering from cancer have been revised from 1 in 3 to 1 in 2 recently.

Diabetes is becoming a worldwide epidemic with the World Health Organization predicting the number of cases to rise from 171 million in 2000 to 366 million in 2030. Equally the WHO predict the number of cases of obesity are set to rise from the 2005 figure of 400 million to 700 million in 2015.

With such alarming health statistics, we have to start examining what we are all doing wrong. It could well be what we are eating. In 1940 a serving of spinach (approximately 180 grams or a cupful) contained 150 milligrams of iron now it is quite likely to be two milligrams.

Do We Know What We Are Eating?

One reason for the lack of nutrients in food now is mass production. We have to produce so much food so quickly and at the lowest cost that the nutrients do not have time to accumulate. The ground also becomes depleted. Fertilizers are used to improve production but these only help to leach the vitamins and minerals from the ground.

Meat production animals fare little better. Frequently they eat less grass, instead consuming hay and silage or artificial foods. In order to improve their health and quality of the meat the animals may well also be full of steroids, antibiotics and other drugs. Compassion In World Farming estimates that two out of every three farm animals in the world are on factory farms.

Factory farmed broiler chickens are grown quickly, sometimes in dreadful conditions. It is estimated ten percent have cancer and twenty percent are disabled. Once again they are pumped full of drugs, including antibiotics. This triumph of economics over health means we are unsure exactly what we are consuming.

Clever marketing ensures we consider biscuits, cakes and sweets as ‘treats’ or ready meals as convenient. We all buy into eating too much salt, sugar and fat. The fat is frequently artificial which the body is unable to process, turning it into body fat, and this, combined with our less active lives can cause heart disease.

Time To Eat Correctly

Governments recommend the average person should consume five portions of fruit and vegetables a day but recently the World Health Organisation has revised this up to eight to fourteen portions. The true requirement is likely to be twenty however.

How can we change our own lives to combat this? Clearly twenty portions of fruit and vegetables a day is virtually impossible to take in so the likely solution is to reject processed and unnecessary foods and eat more organic fruit and vegetables, ideally from your own garden or perhaps from local farm shops and farmers markets. You can then top up your requirements by using high quality, natural dietary supplements alongside your healthy diet.

There are many such natural dietary supplements on the market but one that caught my eye was Green Magic produced by Proto-col. This comes in the form of a powder for ease of absorption and contains all the vitamins and minerals needed to ensure your intake reaches the required standard.       

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Is Spirulina The Wonder Food?

natural dietary supplements

A soldier serving with Hernan Cortes reported the Aztecs and other American peoples using cakes made from spirulina, an algae harvested from the shores of Lake Texcoco. The food has also been reported in Chad dating back as far as the ninth century, this time harvested from Lake Chad.

For the last twenty years scientists have been examining spirulina and are finding some rather interesting benefits to health and nutrition. Indeed in 1974 the United Nations World Food Conference declared spirulina ‘the best food for the future.’

Spirulina is one of the most concentrated natural dietary supplements available. It is one of the world’s richest natural sources of iron and non-animal protein but also contains all the amino acids required as well as chlorophyll and beta-carotene. Spirulina also encourages the friendly bacteria in the intestine so encouraging a healthy digestion. Most strains of spirulina are packed with antioxidants, enzymes and phytonutrients to further aid the body’s operation

It also contains the GLA essential fatty acid, which is believed to stimulate growth and helps make skin and hair healthy and strong. GLA may also act as an anti-inflammatory so reducing symptoms of arthritis.

Anti-Viral Characteristics

Recent research points to even more exciting benefits of this natural dietary supplement; in April 1996 an ongoing study jointly run by the Laboratory of Vital Pathogenesis, Dana-Farber Institute and Harvard Medical School announced that extracts from spirulina inhibited HIV-1 replication in human cells. HIV-1 is the AIDS virus. High concentrations prevented the reproduction of viruses and yet seemed non-toxic to human cells. A similar study in Japan published results from a study of the Calcium-Spirulan extract and had found that spirulina inhibited the growth of HIV-1, Herpes Simplex, Human Cytomegalovirus (a cause of birth defects), Influenza A virus, Mumps virus and Measles virus.

To be effective a virus has to attach itself to the cell and puncture the cell membrane. Spirulina prevents the puncture, leaving the virus useless and liable to be destroyed by the body’s defences.

Spirulina can also increase body weight in sufferers of Aids and correct anaemia.

Other Benefits

This super-food appears to inhibit some cancers and indeed repair cells after radiotherapy and helps to build the immune system by encouraging the creation of useful blood cells, bone marrow and stem cells, for example. The Russian authorities now give spirulina to children in the Chernobyl region who have anaemia and damaged bone marrow from eating radioactive fruit and vegetables.

In addition to all this spirulina has shown some use in the treatment of arsenic poisoning and protection against hay fever. A Mexican study in 2007 also discovered the algae has an effect in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure.

It is clear that spirulina has many benefits particularly as one of the more useful natural dietary supplements and it may have some much greater benefits still to give.

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A Review Of Nutrition Supplements

The discussion on vitamin supplements can be complicated as so many supposedly objective studies on the subject can be biased in some way, primarily as a result of sponsorship by a vested interest party. I remember a doctor telling me he had received results of a study, which claimed vitamin C made no difference to sufferers of the common cold. The physician found this a strange conclusion until he found the study had been sponsored by a manufacturer of cold remedies.

One of the arguments against using supplements is all the vitamins and minerals we need can be provided by a healthy diet, which is absolutely true. However not many people do eat a healthy, balanced diet. Once again we hit a difference of opinion as to what constitutes a healthy diet. Generally five portions of fruit and vegetables a day have been cited as a good target. Recently however a study has suggested that eight portions might be better.

We then hit environmental problems that would change the requirements. Heavy pollution, smoking, stress and other lifestyle factors change the demand for nutrition.

Many people buy their fruit and vegetables from supermarkets where the most popular lines are suspected of having reduced nutrition. I have to say I used to work for a large supermarket chain and discovered anecdotal evidence that pointed to growing practices being at fault. Many lines of produce are grown in sheds where the light is controlled: in this way the growing day can be shortened so the produce grows much faster. The downside of this is the vitamins and minerals normally associated with the varieties involved do not accumulate as they should.

There has also recently been a scare regarding overdoses of vitamins, or vitamin poisoning (Hypervitaminosis). These seem to be largely related to vitamin A, a vitamin often found in the liver of many animals. Oddly enough the livers of polar bears, huskies, seal and walruses contain dangerously high levels of vitamin A. Not surprisingly this is a problem well know to the Inuit people. Other vitamins to be treated with caution are C (which can have a laxative effect) and some strains of vitamin B. Having said this, in the USA, there are more deaths from eating laundry products than from hypervitaminosis. Indeed seventeen of the last twenty-five years have had no recorded deaths from vitamin overdose. Nonetheless it is probably wise to be sensible regarding the levels of vitamins taken.

There is also a great difference between the brands of supplement available on the market. The coating of the tablets themselves is significant. Many cheap lines have a sugar coating to keep the shape of the tablet but can actually cause the tablet to pass through the gut entirely. One operator of mobile lavatories was recorded as observing that his employees frequently found vitamin pills in the pipes of their toilets. A good way to check if the coating of your tablets will dissolve in the stomach is to simply place one in a glass of water. It should start to dissolve within an hour.

A good test of a tablet is to drop it into a glass of water

As with so many products it is often better to opt for the more expensive but natural dietary supplements on the market. Indeed some actually come in powder form, which obviously means the goodness can pass straight into the body. Natural dietary supplements are extremely useful for health but it is always worth researching nutrition and understanding the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) before opting for a particular product and ideally consulting a nutrition professional.

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