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Proto-col Lip Gloss Range

The Proto-col range of lip glosses come in five different colours: Coconut Ice, Copper Kiss, Pretty In Pink, Strawberry Crush and Crystal Clear.

All the range have an amazing lightweight effect on your lips thanks to a gel formulation. Each one is non-sticky and gives a long-lasting shine that will give you a new glamour. The mineral oil found in each one will also hydrate your lips nicely.

For a bit of fun – and also practicality – each shade includes a LED light and a mirror in the top as well as an application brush to give a better finish, of course. This means you can apply the gloss wherever and whenever you need it.

Crystal Clear can be used to give a wonderful shine to your lips or to give extra gloss to one of the other shades. If you are more imaginative you can even mix the Crystal Clear with one of the Proto-col mineral makeup powders to create your own lip colour.

How do you apply the Proto-col Lip Glosses?

Use the brush to apply the gloss to the centre of your lower lip then press your lips together and this will evenly distribute the gloss. On their own they will give a soft sheen but a gorgeous high gloss can be achieved by building up layers.

For a limited time, all five lip glosses in the range can be bought together for the price of four, packed in a silver clutch bag.

Please visit for more details on this offer and all the other natural mineral cosmetics in the wonderful Proto-col range.

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Applying Mineral Blusher And Bronzer

A useful video showing the best way to apply mineral blusher and bronzer.

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Mineral Eye Shadow Demonstration (Video)

A demonstration of the brown eye shadow collection from Proto-col’s range of natural mineral cosmetics.

To find out more about this exciting range of natural mineral cosmetics, see the other shades available and try them for yourself, please go to

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Sports Nutrition Tips

Chelsea Football Club Nutritionist, Nick Broad, gives some fascinating tips on sports nutrition.

Visit to find out about Proto-col’s new sports nutrition health range, developed with the company’s founder and former Olympic athlete, James Greenwell.

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A Challenge

Here’s a challenge.

Why not try for a month only eating organic food from a local market or farm shop, together with a course of Proto-col’s Green Magic and Vita Balance natural dietary supplements and see how you feel at the end?

Proto-col’s natural dietary supplements can be found at

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