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Avoid Sugar If You Have Influenza

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Adding sugar to your diet does not contribute to nutritional health as we can get all the sweetness we need in the food we eat already. However sugar is particularly unwelcome if you have a health problem such as the flu.

This surprised me until I did some research and I found sugar actually depresses the immune system.

What is perhaps better known is vitamin C is good for cold and flu prevention and treatment. This vitamin is needed for the production of phagocytes, which are the white blood corpuscles used in the destruction of harmful bacteria and viruses.

The chemical structure of glucose (the main constituent of sugar of course) is very similar to that of vitamin C. When the two come into contact a struggle ensues and glucose generally wins. The net effect is a reduced amount of vitamin C and the immune system slows right down.

The influenza virus is thus left to run riot.

But it is not just flu that benefits from the intake of sugar. Most people are aware of sugar causing diabetes but this attack on the immune system means other conditions are aggravated, such as asthma, gallstones, heart disease, hypertension, personality disorders, nervous disorders, mood swings, mental illness and even arthritis.

Sugar is lacking vitamins and minerals of course and must find them to metabolize into the body. In doing so it draws such goodness away from other parts of the body. This prevents the breakdown of cholesterol and fatty acids, which are then stored around organs and in the sub-cutaneous tissues creating obesity. This in itself promotes other illnesses.

There is some debate as to which nutritional supplements should be used for the treatment of influenza but certainly the consumption of sugar is to be avoided.

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Block Those Carbs With Carb Blocker

Beautiful Girl With Long Legs In Red Dress

It seems to be widely accepted that reducing carbohydrates is a safe and effective way to lose weight. It is particularly useful as a way for diabetics to control their weight and so their condition.

Proto-col produce their own Carb Blocker natural supplement product which uses a natural vegetable extract to block the enzyme responsible for digesting carbohydrates and turning starch into glucose.

This process is achieved with a protein taken from white kidney beans. Clinical trials have shown a 75% reduction in the starch absorbed with this method.

One advantage of this weight loss food supplement is that you can eat meals normally and not feel hungry. This also means that this product can even be used permanently.

As a result of the way it works, Proto-col Carb Blocker is the first diet natural supplement that encourages the body to burn stored fat in a safe way. Most of the new starch is simply excluded from the body and not absorbed.

As already mentioned, diabetics will find this a useful food supplement as it promotes glucose stability and reduces hypoglycemic episodes. The increase of blood glucose directly after eating is suppressed and free fatty acids, triglycerides and total cholesterol are all reduced. Insulin levels are not affected.

Triglycerides, incidentally, are fatty acids linked to atherosclerosis (or hardening of the arteries) and so could be a cause of heart disease and stroke. However triglycerides do have a role in the functions of the body in producing energy and transporting other fats so some are required but it is in excess they may cause problems.

Three Proto-col Carb Blocker capsules should be taken around 10-20 minutes before a carbohydrate-rich meal (such as starch-rich pasta, bread, pizza or potatoes) on no more than three occasions per day.

Obviously this does not mean you can go on a food binge. Like all weight loss health supplements, it depends on a certain amount of discipline but you should not feel deprived and indeed you may feel more energy. To lose weight most effectively a moderate exercise programme will be useful.

As with any food supplement it is wise to take medical advice before undertaking a weight loss programme (particularly if you have an underlying condition) but Proto-col Carb Blocker has been certified as entirely free of physical side effects by the British National Institute of Health.

Equally there are no negative psychological effects (no stimulants or appetite suppressants are used), indeed, this health supplement could improve your mood by preventing the surges in blood sugar or hormonal fluctuations usually associated with mood swings.

Proto-col Carb Blocker could be the safe way of losing weight you have wanted. Rumour has it that this natural supplement is already used by celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, to keep their figures trim.

Why not give it a try?

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Protocol Carb Blocker

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All About Vitamin A (Video)

Vegetable Display Including Carrots

The advantages of and reasons for taking vitamin A for nutritional health are set out in this informative video:

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