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Natural Diet Supplement: French Report Says A Balanced Diet Is Best

More confirmation that a balanced, healthy diet and moderate exercise has come from the French food safety agency, ANSES (Administracion Nacional de la Seguridad Social).

The agency has issued a report examining the role of nutrition in reducing the rise of cancer within the country. It also discusses the reduction of certain foods known to have an adverse effect in health. They conclude it is a combination of a healthy diet that works best, with no specific food or natural diet supplement combating cancer alone.

Read more about this report on

With the lack of nutrients in the modern diet, even in mass-produced fruit and vegetables, it is often a good idea to take a good natural diet supplement to boost your nutrition.

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Healthy Skin Tips You May Find Useful

Stunning Blonde Model With Gorgeous Eyes And Perfect Skin


Did you know that having your hair over your face could transfer oils to your skin?


This is one of the fascinating healthy skin tips to be found on an article recently published to the website.


These six tips for the ideal skin are really useful to someone trying to get that perfect complexion.


I am sure there are other healthy skin tips too. I would add another one: use all natural makeup or mineral makeup, as this will help you skin breath and give you the nutrients your skin needs.


Read this interesting article on the site.


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Sunless Tan Lotions: The Best Application



More and more people are turning to sunless tan lotions to ensure they look good wearing summer clothing.

Of course it depends on your skin but there are many for whom sunless tan lotions are a Godsend, particularly if your skin goes red at the slightest show of the sun. In any case the concerns about skin cancer and skin damage is turning more and more people away from sunbathing.

Often suppliers have promotions running on their sunless tan lotions which use natural ingredients and helps you not only get a tan but a healthy skin too.

All in all this is great time to get yourself a great looking tan.

With sunless tan lotions you can look as if you came straight off holiday almost overnight – without the risks but it is useful to know how best to apply your tan.

The Yahoo Lifestyle pages recently published a useful guide on how to apply a fake tan for the best results.

Read the article here.


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Healthy Makeup For Skin: What Are The Advantages Of Mineral Cosmetics?

Many now agree that mineral cosmetics are the healthy makeup for skin as they are better for your skin than the synthetic versions. But what are the real advantages? Is there any hype we should avoid?

Bijani Mizell has published a useful guide on the website.

One of the advantages of healthy makeup for skin is especially useful at this time of year. Mineral makeup is better during the summer months as it will not melt off your face as some traditional liquid cosmetics will.

Mineral makeup also contains elements that help the skin. These include zinc oxide, which acts both as a sunscreen and an anti-inflammatory, silica and iron oxide. The point is these ingredients make an all natural makeup with naturally occurring elements.

Read more of Bijani Mizell’s article on

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Health And Beauty Tip Number 4: Natural Diet Supplement And Maintaining Calcium Levels


Pretty Ballerina Dancing On Decking


You probably know it is worth keeping up your levels of calcium in the body, either through a healthy diet or a good natural diet supplement, and that calcium is important for bones and teeth but did you know your muscles depend on calcium too?

It’s true. Muscles cramp without enough of this useful substance and even the nerves controlling muscles need calcium to operate properly. One of the signs of a lack of calcium is muscle twitch (called tetany) and in extreme cases the heart muscles can fail.

If you do not have enough calcium the muscles will rob the bones to get their supply and exacerbate the problem of brittle bones, leading to an increased chance of osteoporosis.

Make sure that you have enough calcium in your diet or you take a calcium natural diet supplement now to ensure your body’s strength and function later.

Calcium is more important to the body than you realise.

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Nutritional Health Supplements: The Importance Of Teenage Nutrition


Most parents fear their children’s teenage years and the connotations involved. The expectations involve rows, late nights, puberty, boyfriends or girlfriends and so on and yet the biggest problems are likely to involve the significant physiological changes that take place.

Teenage years are those in which growth accelerates and the body sets itself up for adulthood. This is the time to ensure their nutrition is as it should be and perhaps consider if nutritional health supplements are needed. The body needs to be properly prepared for the stresses placed upon it during this time.

Of course another feature of this life stage is rebellion so many wise parents set up good eating habits early as the core of good nutrition. But however canny parents are, the goodness or otherwise going into their offsprings’ bodies needs to be understood, as is the demand their bodies have for the nutrition.

One key need for growing teenagers is for iron. A study in the United Kingdom showed that 13% of adolescent boys and 27% of girls the same age have low levels of iron. Iron is needed to help the blood carry oxygen to the muscles, an important function as teenagers are, and should be encouraged to be, very active. Adolescent brains are under great stress too, with growth and school examinations, and iron helps the brain function. We should not forget as well that iron is essential to the function of the immune system.

Young women particularly find their levels of iron will deplete after menstruation.

Foods that are good sources of iron include red meat but alternatives exist in the form of dried fruit, bread, breakfast cereals and green leafy vegetables. Although diet is the best source of all nutrients, nutritional health supplements can also be considered.  Eating vitamin C rich foods (such as citrus fruit) or nutritional health supplements will also help the absorption of iron but interestingly tea is to be avoided. The tannins in tea have been found to interfere with iron intake so perhaps a fruit juice would be better.

With the growth spurt experienced by teenagers, it is hardly surprising that calcium is also an important substance during this time.  Calcium is essential to bone development and research has shown effective bone development in adolescent years has a significant impact on future skeleton strength. Studies have suggested a 5% increase in teenage bone mass can result in a 40% decrease in bone fractures later in life.

The brittle bone disease, osteoporosis, can be largely avoided in later years by foresight in nutrition during the teens. Regrettably the UK National Diet And Nutrition Survey Of Young People Aged 4-18 Years has shown that 25% of teenagers have calcium levels lower than the recommended level. This infers a later bone health problem.

As well as nutritional health supplements, of course, good sources of calcium include dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and cheese.

As always there is no substitute for a healthy diet and regular meals are essential to health for a teenager.  Unfortunately the adolescent’s usual foods of choice tend to be fatty and sugar-rich foods and drinks.  In fact the best foods they can consume would be starchy carbohydrates (bread, rice, potatoes), lots of fruit and vegetables, dairy products and two servings of protein (meat, fish, eggs) per day. Six to eight glasses of fluid a day are useful too and don’t forget that regular exercise, which helps fitness, cardiovascular health and bone growth.

Modern teenage complications have made things more difficult. Peer pressure and mass media has lead many young people to turn to methods of slimming. As always, a healthy diet and moderate exercise will always produce the ‘perfect’ for anyone but fad diets are employed too often. These frequently reduce the nutrients going into the body and can sometimes even result in eating disorders.

The twin eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia, affect 1.6 million people in the UK and some 6 to 11 million in the US. Although particularly a female problem, it also affects a significant number of males. If you suspect your teenager is suffering from this dangerous affliction, please get professional help immediately.

Teenage nutrition can be a fascinating subject and a good way to ensure your children understand what they should be eating is to get them interested in preparing and cooking food from an early age. In this way they can learn to look after themselves in later years and realize what good food is like.

It is in that period between childhood and adulthood that a young person needs the best nutrition to set him or her up for life. Whether from a healthy diet or using nutritional health supplements, it is worth getting the input right.

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Natural Diet Supplement: Nutrition And The Immune System

When discussions take place about nutrition and the need to use a natural diet supplement, the immune system will always be mentioned at some point.

Having a healthy immune system is essential to the wellbeing of the human body. It is very likely that we see off many illnesses without even knowing about it; indeed, some experts think the immune system defeats some cancers leaving us blissfully unaware that anything has happened.

So what elements do we need to have in our diet or, if necessary, in a natural diet supplement to ensure we have the best immune system possible?

Perhaps the best-known substance for boosting the immune system is vitamin C. This vitamin is traditionally credited with defense against, for example, the common cold.

This reputation is well deserved as vitamin C encourages the production of white blood cells and antibodies, which are the prime defense against infection. What is perhaps less well known is this vitamin also helps increase supplies of interferon. Interferon is well named as it coats the surface of cells and interferes with the entry of viruses.

Vitamin C also increases levels of the good cholesterol (HDL) in the body and prevents fat forming in the arteries thus warding off cardiovascular problems. There is also some evidence this vitamin will reduce the chances of the most numerous cancers: namely, breast, prostate and colon cancer.

Let us now turn to vitamin E. This vitamin is less well known as C but is just as effective and should be included in a good natural diet supplement.

Vitamin E may well slow down the decline in the immune system normally associated with ageing. It promotes the cells that attack germs, cancer cells and destructive bacteria. It has also been shown, in a study carried out by the Harvard School Of Public Health, to reduce the chances of heart attack by half.

More publicity has been given to Omega-3 fatty acids but few people understand them. In fact they promote phagocytes, which are white blood cells that deal with aggressive bacteria. Previous generations knew this and this would explain why doses of cod liver oil were so popular and why many people now take an Omega-3 natural diet supplement.

Another substance that encourages the production of white blood cells is zinc. It also helps produce more antibodies and cells to reduce the incidence of cancer.

Elderly people are often deficient in zinc and this weakens the immune system. There is some evidence that zinc may reduce infections but the results are still inconclusive. Equally it is wise when taking a natural diet supplement to ensure the dosage of zinc is controlled as an overdose can actually inhibit the immune system

Another bonus to the immune system is the group of phytonutrients known as bioflavenoids. These protect the cell membranes from environmental pollutants, covering the surface so toxins are unable to get access. Bioflavenoids also help to prevent clots and fat in the arteries.

Phytonutrients, incidentally, are plant-derived nutrients that are essential to sustain human life.

Lastly, carotenoids are a family that work together to aid the immune system. Perhaps the best-known member is beta carotene. Beta carotene also works to produce infection-fighting cells and reduce the amount of fat and cholesterol in the arteries. In this way it helps to reduce the occurrence of strokes and heart attacks. The body uses cells called macrophages to attack cancer and beta carotene stimulates these cells.

Vitamin A also has such anticancer properties and boosts the immune system, which is not surprising as it is constructed from beta carotene. It is theoretically possible to overdose on vitamin A but is unlikely as the body only produces the amount it needs.

Clearly the levels of these immune system boosting substances should be maintained for good health. The ideal method is always to do so through a balanced diet but there will always be situations or lifestyles when a goodnatural diet supplement will be needed. The priority is to ensure our immune systems are in top condition.

To find the correct natural diet supplement for your needs, come to for more details.


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Healthy Skin Tips: How To Look After Your Skin In The Summer

Gorgeous Oriental Model Tina Liang Smelling Fennel


Every season brings it’s own challenges for correct skincare and different healthy skin tips. website has posted a fascinating article giving healthy skin tips for the summer. Not surprisingly this includes protection from the sun but also recommendations for exfoliation and general pointers regarding the disposal of old cosmetics.

It makes various useful points such as disposing of any eye makeup if you have been suffering any eye infection and protecting usually forgotten areas of skin from the sun.

Read the full list of healthy skin tips on website.


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Sunless Tan Lotions: Realizing The Dangers Of Sunbeds


The case for using sunless tan lotions instead of exposing yourself to dangerous Ultra Violet rays continues to strengthen.

Women who visit a tanning salon at least once a month are 55 percent more likely to develop skin melanoma, so quotes Ally Dukkers writing on the California State University, Chico website ‘The Orion.’ She also relates how the American Academy of Opthalmology reports how the use of sunbeds can damage your eyes.

Ally freely admits to having had an obsession with tanning beds and an addiction with ‘turning a shade darker.’ Now she is a mother the life-threatening activities she used to indulge in are no longer attractive.

Read the whole fascinating article on The Orion website.

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Nutritional Health Supplements: The Many Uses Of Arginine

Arginine is one of those substances you may read about and yet not be sure what it does. It is in fact what is termed a ‘conditional’ essential amino acid; in other words the body produces its own but there are circumstances (such as trauma and surgery) in which the body cannot supply enough and it needs to be supplemented from outside, either from food or from nutritional health supplements.

It is interesting how many of the body’s substances have several properties and uses and arginine is no exception.

This substance is necessary for the production of protein and helps to rid the body of any waste ammonia. It is linked to improvements in erectile dysfunction in men. In 1999, the BJU Journal published results of research where 50 men suffering erectile dysfunction took 5 grams of L-arginine or a placebo. After a period of six weeks there was a greater improvement in those taking the amino supplement. The reason for this success is arginine produces nitric acid, which helps improve the blood flow to the penis; this is different to Viagra, which blocks the enzyme that destroys nitric acid.

Arginine is also useful as a nutritional health supplement in sport. Depending on the dose, this substance can increase the production of growth hormone from the pituitary gland. The growth hormone has several uses, one of which is to move fat into the blood from where it can be burned as energy for the muscles. However the timing is important as, if the growth hormone is stimulated too early, it will confuse the body’s own production.

The natural conclusion of course is that the correct use of arginine will reduce fat mass, reduce blood pressure and improve the control of blood sugars.

This amino acid has also been used post-surgery and in burn patients as it can increase the production of collagen in healthy people over the age of seventy. Thus it improves wound healing.

Just as arginine helps with blood supply to the penis, it has a positive effect on sufferers of angina by improving the performance of blood vessels generally. Equally a study published in Clinical Cardiology in 2000 indicated this substance might also improve cardiac performance. It was felt however it should not replace other treatments prescribed.

Other studies show this useful amino acid may ease inflammation of the bladder, relieve leg cramps and help the function of the kidneys of kidney transplant patients.

It is possible arginine may have other uses, such as in the treatment of dementia, but there is no firm evidence to support this yet.

The dosage of this amino acid should be strictly controlled as overdoses could lead to indigestion, since it increases stomach acids, and may worsen asthma. Clearly, as it does lower blood pressure, people for whom this is already a problem should avoid it.

Arginine is a very useful substance within the body and can improve health markedly. However, as with the taking of all nutritional health supplements, it is always wise to consult a health professional before undertaking a significant course of supplementation.

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