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The Benefits Of Zinc Oxide To Natural Skincare

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Zinc oxide has many applications in several fields, including in the production of rubber and concrete and as a food additive. However this adaptable substance, probably used in India around 500BC and by the Romans too, is particularly useful in medicine and as a constituent of mineral cosmetics.

This additive to natural beauty products is a key ingredient of the traditional skin treatment calamine lotion. It is anti-inflammatory and is used in sunscreens as a result of its natural skincare property of adhering to the skin and reducing the amount of potentially dangerous ultra violet rays absorbed.

This feature of non-absorption means zinc oxide is nonirritating and nonallergenic. There is some evidence it may well be an anti-oxidant too.

Some cheaper sunscreens use a nano zinc oxide but this is absorbed by the skin and is less effective and may even cause health problems (although studies are yet to establish this).

This natural skincare ingredient also features in cream designed to prevent nappy (or diaper) rash due to its abilities to combat skin irritations through its adherence to the skins surface. Zinc oxide also has antibacterial properties, which help its abilities in natural skincare.

Acne can also be controlled as a result of zinc oxides anti-inflammatory properties and it ability to also control excessive skin oil. Through its promotion of healthy skin, this substance also helps scars heal more quickly.

As a result of these advantages, this useful substance can also be found in rectal suppositories and in treatments (such as calamine lotion) for chapped, dry or itching skin and minor burns.

Zinc oxide is also used in nutritional supplements as a source of zinc, which is useful for DNA and immune system maintenance.

With all its benefits to healthy skin, it is clear that zinc oxide is a useful ingredient in natural beauty products, especially natural skin products.

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The Strongest Foundation For Your Makeup Programme

Mineral makeup powder is fast becoming the makeup of choice for beauty professionals and the Proto-col range is one brand that is leading the revolution.

The Proto-col range of natural mineral cosmetics blends absolutely pure, top quality minerals with the latest skincare technology producing hypoallergenic mineral makeup powder that is good for your skin.

The range is free of fragrances, dyes, waxes, oils, parabens and talcs and is stuffed full with vitamins A, C and E. If you have problem skin you will be pleased to hear that the non-comedogenic nature of the range means it will not clog pores and it is fine to sleep with the makeup on.

The Proto-col foundation has bioactive minerals to heal problems in the skin and prevent breakouts. Restoring the skins vitality, the foundation also includes naturally coloured pigment iron oxides, mica to reflect the light naturally, the natural sunscreen (of SPF 20) titanium dioxide and the anti-inflammatory zinc oxide.

The goal has been to produce quality at an affordable price.

To match all shades of skin, this foundation comes in four colours: ranging from the lightest ‘ivory’ to ‘iroko.’

How To Apply Proto-col Foundation

Having poured a small amount of the foundation into the lid, use a Kabuki brush (there is an excellent one in the Proto-col range), and swirl it around the lid to work the mineral makeup powder into the bristles.

Apply the powder to the skin in a circular, buffing action until the desired coverage has been achieved. Make sure you blend it the area under the line of the jaw.

It is always better to apply the mineral powder makeup in thin layers, using smaller amounts of powder than apply too much in one go.

Interestingly, as with many of the Proto-col natural mineral cosmetics, the nature of the product means the colours can be mixed to achieve the perfect shade for your complexion.

Proto-cols foundation mineral makeup powder is included in the Cosmetics Starter Pack for your skin colour. Find out more at

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Proto-col Lip Gloss Range

The Proto-col range of lip glosses come in five different colours: Coconut Ice, Copper Kiss, Pretty In Pink, Strawberry Crush and Crystal Clear.

All the range have an amazing lightweight effect on your lips thanks to a gel formulation. Each one is non-sticky and gives a long-lasting shine that will give you a new glamour. The mineral oil found in each one will also hydrate your lips nicely.

For a bit of fun – and also practicality – each shade includes a LED light and a mirror in the top as well as an application brush to give a better finish, of course. This means you can apply the gloss wherever and whenever you need it.

Crystal Clear can be used to give a wonderful shine to your lips or to give extra gloss to one of the other shades. If you are more imaginative you can even mix the Crystal Clear with one of the Proto-col mineral makeup powders to create your own lip colour.

How do you apply the Proto-col Lip Glosses?

Use the brush to apply the gloss to the centre of your lower lip then press your lips together and this will evenly distribute the gloss. On their own they will give a soft sheen but a gorgeous high gloss can be achieved by building up layers.

For a limited time, all five lip glosses in the range can be bought together for the price of four, packed in a silver clutch bag.

Please visit for more details on this offer and all the other natural mineral cosmetics in the wonderful Proto-col range.

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Applying Mineral Blusher And Bronzer

A useful video showing the best way to apply mineral blusher and bronzer.

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Mineral Eye Shadow Demonstration (Video)

A demonstration of the brown eye shadow collection from Proto-col’s range of natural mineral cosmetics.

To find out more about this exciting range of natural mineral cosmetics, see the other shades available and try them for yourself, please go to

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The Beauty of Natural Mineral Cosmetics

The trend in recent times is to find healthy options as we become more aware of the effects products have on us. This is equally true whether we are discussing what we put inside our bodies or what goes on the outside. It is hardly surprising therefore that natural alternatives to cosmetics are becoming more popular.

Some brands of cosmetics over the years have contained various chemicals, which have had various effects such as clogging pores (comodogenic) and have lead to many women not wearing cosmetics at all. Of course it is not long since women stopped using arsenic to whiten their faces so things are gradually getting better!

Natural mineral cosmetics have proved to work with the skin and have enabled women to look beautiful without harming their health.

It is always better to use a quality brand.

Such mineral cosmetics have actually been around for over thirty years but are only now being seen as a natural effective alternative to conventional makeup. As technology has improved natural mineral cosmetics have been able to remove such unnecessary additives as parabens, talcs, waxes, dyes, fragrances, oils, fillers and other chemicals.

Parabens are preservatives used in cosmetics (and in food) but have been connected to breast cancer and a reduction in testosterone and the male reproductive abilities. It affects both sexes. Talc has been shown to be related to asbestos and has been linked to cancer of the ovaries and lungs.

So natural mineral cosmetics are not only non-comodogenic but are also hypoallergenic. Many contain natural sunscreen too and some have added vitamins A, C and E to give the skin a healthy glow. Vitamin A helps the production of new cells in the skin and allows a temporary improvement in the production of collagen and vitamin E has several advantages, not least its use as an anti-oxidant. Vitamin E protects the skin from pollution, ultra-violet light and drugs. Curiously another advantage of Vitamin E is it controls the over-production of Vitamin A. Vitamin C has many of the benefits of the other two but also helps boost the immune system.

Natural mineral cosmetics are waterproof and long lasting and can be worn in bed: a change from previous cosmetics that had to be removed. The best advantage however is the skin can breathe and anti-inflammatory zinc oxide often found in the mineral makeup powder can reduce blemishes.

Perhaps one disadvantage of this kind of makeup is it can be more difficult to apply. However use of the right kind of brush and application in thin layers built up can alleviate this problem.

Ranges available provide a good variety of foundations, blushers, bronzers, concealers, eye shadows, lip-glosses and mascara, so there is no shortage of choice. The powders can even be mixed to vary the shades available even more or to match your skin tones exactly. If you have not tried natural mineral cosmetics yet then this might be the time to do so.

If you would like to use one of the best quality ranges of natural mineral cosmetics, please go to

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