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Nutritional Health Supplements: The Many Uses Of Arginine

Arginine is one of those substances you may read about and yet not be sure what it does. It is in fact what is termed a ‘conditional’ essential amino acid; in other words the body produces its own but there are circumstances (such as trauma and surgery) in which the body cannot supply enough and it needs to be supplemented from outside, either from food or from nutritional health supplements.

It is interesting how many of the body’s substances have several properties and uses and arginine is no exception.

This substance is necessary for the production of protein and helps to rid the body of any waste ammonia. It is linked to improvements in erectile dysfunction in men. In 1999, the BJU Journal published results of research where 50 men suffering erectile dysfunction took 5 grams of L-arginine or a placebo. After a period of six weeks there was a greater improvement in those taking the amino supplement. The reason for this success is arginine produces nitric acid, which helps improve the blood flow to the penis; this is different to Viagra, which blocks the enzyme that destroys nitric acid.

Arginine is also useful as a nutritional health supplement in sport. Depending on the dose, this substance can increase the production of growth hormone from the pituitary gland. The growth hormone has several uses, one of which is to move fat into the blood from where it can be burned as energy for the muscles. However the timing is important as, if the growth hormone is stimulated too early, it will confuse the body’s own production.

The natural conclusion of course is that the correct use of arginine will reduce fat mass, reduce blood pressure and improve the control of blood sugars.

This amino acid has also been used post-surgery and in burn patients as it can increase the production of collagen in healthy people over the age of seventy. Thus it improves wound healing.

Just as arginine helps with blood supply to the penis, it has a positive effect on sufferers of angina by improving the performance of blood vessels generally. Equally a study published in Clinical Cardiology in 2000 indicated this substance might also improve cardiac performance. It was felt however it should not replace other treatments prescribed.

Other studies show this useful amino acid may ease inflammation of the bladder, relieve leg cramps and help the function of the kidneys of kidney transplant patients.

It is possible arginine may have other uses, such as in the treatment of dementia, but there is no firm evidence to support this yet.

The dosage of this amino acid should be strictly controlled as overdoses could lead to indigestion, since it increases stomach acids, and may worsen asthma. Clearly, as it does lower blood pressure, people for whom this is already a problem should avoid it.

Arginine is a very useful substance within the body and can improve health markedly. However, as with the taking of all nutritional health supplements, it is always wise to consult a health professional before undertaking a significant course of supplementation.

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Natural Diet Supplement: 5 Diet And Nutrition Tips (Video)


Here are some useful basic tips on diet and nutrition.



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All Natural Makeup: The Trend Towards The Natural Look

A small but increasing number of celebrities are beginning to appear without any makeup on at all. A significant number of women in day-to-day life are also opting for the natural look.

For some the reason is their skin reacts to traditional makeup, for others they simply prefer it that way but a significant number are now becoming aware of what they put on their face. They are living the maxim ‘you are what you eat,’ by applying it to cosmetics: ‘You are what you put on your skin.’

The truth is we need to be as careful about nutrition for our skin as much as for the rest of our bodies. Traditional commercial makeup can contain chemicals, which actually damage the skin.

To be fair many woman do look beautiful with no makeup at all. However, all natural makeup is now available to help create a beautiful healthy skin. In this way, perfect skin can be achieved through a healthy diet (and nutritional health supplements) and by using cosmetics that benefit the skin.

Indeed the best makeup application is one that looks like no makeup has been applied at all – the natural look. Good cosmetics, with natural ingredients, will subtly enhance your look without appearing artificial.

Try the range of all natural makeup and nutritional health supplements at to improve the look and feel of your skin.

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Health And Beauty Tip Number 3: All Natural Makeup Mascara

Another gem of wisdom from makeup artist to the stars,Tally Bookbinder.

When applying mascara, always have an old but clean mascara brush to hand. When you have applied the mascara, run the old brush up the eyelashes to remove any excess and prevent clogging.

Oh, and remember to brush from the roots upwards for best effect and only dip the brush in the mascara bottle once; to pump it in and out will encourage unfriendly bacteria. Your eyes are pretty sensitive as well as pretty!

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More Reasons To Use Sunless Tan Lotions


Following the previous post on skin cancer, two items of news have helped the case for sunless tan lotions.

The first is, following recent worrying statistics and some accidents, the introduction of legislation by the English parliament which makes it an offence for any person under the age of 18 to use a sunbed in England and Wales. This is already the case in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Also required by law is the supervision of all people using sunbeds.

Read more on this story here.


At the same time, the good people at Proto-col health and beauty have produced some great offers on their sunless tan lotions and related products.

For example, if you buy two cans of the Golden Glow tanning mist, you will get a free tube of tan extender lotion. Or, if you are preparing your tan for the summer, for only £29.95 you can buy the Ultimate Tan bag containing a selection of tanning products, including a tan mitt to apply tanning lotion.

(Sadly this promotion is no longer available but there are some excellent offers available online)

Beautiful Suntanned Girl In White Outfit


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Worrying Skin Cancer Figures Prove The Case For Sunless Tan Lotions

A Group Of People Sunbathing


A press release from the British charity Cancer Research UK has shown the incidences of skin cancer continuing to rise.

Their figures show that two young people under 35 in Britain are diagnosed with melanoma every day. This equates to 5.9 people per 100 000 and 900 in total during 2008.

This is compared with 290 young people suffering the condition thirty years ago and 1.8 per 100 000.

Over all age groups the increase is 8.5%.

The cause of course is too much exposure to the sun. Sunbeds are not helpful either: Cancer Research UK have found that use of a sunbed by people under 35 can increase the chances of melanoma by 75%.

To read the full press release, click here.

So what can be done? There is still a demand for a tanned body so the answer must be to use one of the many sunless tan lotions available. These have had significant improvements in quality and effectiveness in recent years.

And cover up in the sun of course.


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New Calcium Natural Diet Supplement


Fabulous Arched Backflip by Londons Festival Pier


Last year the Duchess of Cornwall had a fall and broke both her legs. Both her mother and grandmother suffered from osteoporosis, or brittle bone disease, and the Duchess is the President of the National Osteoporosis Society: the fear was that she too was suffering from the condition.

According to statistics from the International Osteoporosis Foundation, an estimated 75 million people in the USA, Europe and Japan suffer from brittle bones and there were around 9 million new osteoporotic fractures during the year 2000. The cost of treating sufferers is estimated at $5.2 billion each year. In women over 45 years of age, osteoporosis accounts for more days in hospital than many other diseases, including breast cancer and diabetes.

The problem is going to get worse too. 1 in 3 women over the age of 65 are prone to fractures, as are 1 in 5 men. By the year 2050 the number of people in Europe and America living beyond the age of 80 is set to triple.

So how can we avoid becoming part of these statistics?

Calcium is the substance that hardens the bones. Actually the real strength in the bones comes from a combination of collagen and calcium. Minerals such as calcium bind to the collagen to form bone.

But it is not just the bones that benefit from calcium. The substance is abundant in the body and maintains the strength of nails and teeth too.

It was the case that we would simply drink lots of milk to build up the calcium levels in our bodies and this has been largely successful in the past. However it is becoming widely accepted that over farming has lead to a reduction in the goodness we receive from various foodstuffs and this is beginning to be understood in the case of the calcium benefits of milk too.

Unfortunately too many cows are being fed on artificial feedstuffs and even those grazing on open meadows may be eating grass reduced in nutrition.

So what do we do then?

While calcium is still found in milk, we need to use nutritional health supplements to increase the calcium we take in. During the Proto-col National Conference earlier this year Managing Director of Proto-col, James Greenwell, launched a new Calcium Complex capsule.

This new product contains both calcium and collagen to help to strengthen bones. However there are other trace substances and vitamins included to ensure bone health and indeed the absorption of calcium to where it is needed.

The figures on osteoporosis are sobering but I think we all owe it to ourselves to give our bodies’ structure the strength it requires for good health and safe living.

The emergence of any new and effective natural diet supplement should be welcomed.


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Health And Beauty Tip Number 2


Pretty Redhead Girl With Amazing Eyes


Another useful tip given to the Proto-col National Conference by Tally Bookbinder, makeup artist to the stars:

When using the eyeshadow from any all natural makeup range, such as the mineral makeup from Proto-col, dip the brush lightly in water and the eyeshadow will become heavier and darker. Once it dries, you can blend it in nicely.

The secret to getting your all natural makeup right? Experiment, experiment, experiment.

To try the healthy makeup for skin from Proto-col, as well as their natural health supplements and sunless tan lotions,  go to .

Use Proto-col to Be Ravishing.


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Spring Means Thinking About Your Tan


Beautiful Tanned Girl In Summer Dress Posing On Her Front

Spring is here! The northern hemisphere is at last finding the warmer weather.

Many people are now thinking about holidays or at least about wearing less clothing and so showing more skin. As a result, how the skin looks is more of a consideration – particularly the colour of the skin.

One option of course is to spend time lying on a sunbed and yet there are worries about the safety of this practice (see this previous article).

These days sunless tan lotions are much more effective so should at least be considered.

There are ways to apply the sunless tan lotions to get the best effect however. A great article giving tips for fake tanning is to be found on the Women In Spain website and is well worth a read.

Don’t forget to look after your skin as well as improve the colour!


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Homemade Exfoliator Recipes

Gorgeous Oriental Girl Looking Back

Apart from eating foods good for skin, an alternative to encourage healthy skin is to make use of homemade recipes for exfoliation. An exfoliant is something that brings down the amount of dead cell accumulation on the skin. Whatever may be your skin condition; regular exfoliation will brighten the complexion, soften and smooth the skin, thereby reducing breakout activity. Here are some useful homemade Exfoliator Recipes.

Oily Skin Homemade Exfoliator

Mix lime juice with two bengal gram flour tablespoons and two pinches of salt. Prepare a chunky paste for exfoliation.

Dry Skin Homemade Exfoliator

Mix full cream milk with two bengal gram flour tablespoons and one teaspoon of honey to form a paste.

Salt-based Homemade Exfoliator

While salt is not among the foods good for skin when taken internally, it can actually help in exfoliation. You can rub salt on your wet skin, while you are in the shower. Wait some time (few minutes), rub the skin and wash away the salt. But, you should use a moisturizer on the skin, as this exfoliator can have drying effects.

Baking-Soda Exfoliator

To do this, you need one tablespoon of baking soda and water. Take a basin and put the baking soda in. Add water and prepare a thin paste. Apply the paste on the face and softly rub to exfoliate the dead cells. Leave the mix there for ten minutes. Wash your face with warm water and use a good moisturizer.

Whitening Exfoliation

For natural skin care, you can use the whitening form of exfoliation. You will need three tablespoons granulated sugar, half of the white of an egg and three lemon drops. Mix up all the ingredients and softly massage the face and neck for around five minutes. Then clean nicely with water.

Soft Scrub

For this one you will require three tablespoons honey and three tablespoons cornmeal. Blend the ingredients; rub in for five minutes and wash it off with cool water.

Sugar and Baby Oil Exfoliator

Combining sugar along with baby oil also makes a wonderful homemade exfoliator for skin care. The baby oil goes deep into the skin and moisturizers it, whereas the sugar helps in removing dead skin cells.

After you exfoliate

After finishing the exfoliation, it is important to use a toner that will take away any residues and help seal the skin, so as to make it tougher. Enjoy your exfoliation.

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