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Proto-col Have Discovered Animal Health!

Most people are now convinced about the importance of collagen to the human body (if not, have a look at this article) but what about the collagen health of animals?

Most of our pets need collagen as much as us humans to stay supple and healthy and several pet owners have been using Proto-col collagen capsules for their animals.

One horse owner in Spain, Jane, has been giving her horse, Don Kiryl, a regular dose of Proto-col collagen and found the results remarkable. Read her account on .

As of this week, however, Proto-col have launched their Proto-flex range collagen capsules particularly prepared for animal health use.

There are two types: Pet Collagen and Equine Collagen. The Pet Collagen has a three-for-the-price-of-one promotion running at present and the Equine Collagen comes in a 200g trial size or a 900g tub size.

To find out more go to – I think your animals will thank you for doing so!

Why can’t animals Look, Feel and Be Ravishing too?

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About Proto-col Skin Cleanser And Toner

The skin cleanser and toner from Proto-col together offer a gentle and effective natural skin treatment.

The cleanser uses a variety of natural ingredients to hydrate, soften and condition the skin and the skin toner has gentle astringent qualities without the use of alcohol. Neither is tested on animals and indeed contains only plant-based products and no animal products.

Both are suitable for sensitive and dry skins. The lack of alcohol means each natural skin treatment can be used on broken skin too.

The Proto-col skin cleanser is a natural skin treatment containing plant derived collagen to nourish the skin and camomile, which in itself is a good cleanser and it also soothes the skin whilst improving elasticity.

Other ingredients include orange oil for decongesting and detoxifying, neroli oil (from the blossom of the bitter orange tree) for skin regeneration, palm oil for lubricating and hydrating, aloe vera for soothing and healing and guava and kiwi to strengthen the skin and promote its general health.

Interestingly, the natural skin treatment ingredient neroli oil is well known for helping combat skin conditions such as thread veins, stretch marks and scarring. Equally aloe vera is renowned for helping heal burns and other conditions such as dermatitis and dry, chapped skin.

The other natural skin treatment, the Proto-col toner is just as useful, containing not only plant derived collagen, aloe vera and guava and kiwi but also witch hazel, a mild astringent that still soothes the skin. Also included are panthenol containing vitamin B5, which has anti-inflammatory properties and can sooth and heal as well, and, intriguingly, coral seaweed. The coral seaweed is rich in amino acids and contains magnesium and calcium to soften and oxygenate the skin.

How To Apply

Application is easy. A small amount of the cleanser is spread with a gentle circular movement across the whole of the face and neck using the fingers. It can then be removed either with a damp cotton wool pad or by gently splashing the face with water.

You will find this will effectively remove all the residue makeup (including lip stick and eye makeup) as well as traces of pollution and grime.

After cleansing, apply the toner with another damp cotton wool pad, brushing gently in an upward and outward direction. As an alternative, you could also give your face a light spray directly.

Proto-col skin cleanser and toner are together a natural skin treatment which are very effective in giving you healthy, supple skin but also give you the knowledge you are using the very best natural and ethical products.

From 1 October until Christmas, you can try both these natural skin treatment products as part of promotional packs at offer prices. Visit to find out more.

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Microdermabrasion: The Jewel In The Crown

When using a natural skin treatment, one of the best quality products for uncovering new, fresh younger skin is Proto-col’s Microdermabrasion (say it slowly at first!).

Amazingly, this product actually uses powdered pearls and diamonds to remove dead skin cells. This natural skin treatment then boosts the skin’s renewal process with coral seaweed, plant collagen and even hydrolysed silk, which is rich in vitamins and amino acids and helps the skin retain its natural moisture.

There are no toxic chemicals or ingredients in this product and none of Proto-col’s natural skin treatment products are animal tested.

Microdermabrasion contains an astonishing number of beneficial natural ingredients to help your skin. These include jojoba oil to prevent dryness and help moisturize, beeswax to emulsify the product and help moisturize again, and glycolic acid, which is reputed to trigger the formation of collagen to plump up the skin and reduce wrinkles. This last ingredient can be especially of use to people prone to acne.

This product also includes grape extract, psidium guajava (Guava), actinidia sinensis (Kiwi) and ginko giloba, which are an astringent, a source of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals and an antioxidant.

How To Apply

This natural skin treatment should be applied to a cleansed and dried face.

Using the fingers, a small amount should be spread over the face and then worked into the skin using a gentle rotary action. The best way to achieve this is to work from the nose to the ear and from the mouth to the lower ear. This natural skin treatment should then be used on the neck up to and including the jaw line and on the forehead from the centre to the hairline.

Generally it is best to spend a minute or two on each area of the face before rinsing it off and then using a toner to remove the last traces.

Proto-col’s microdermabrasion is designed for sensitive skin so should be fine for use on all skin types although especially sensitive skin might benefit from mixing this natural skin treatment with Proto-col’s skin cleanser.

This product uses natural ingredients, is effective and may help with the penetration of other products so is well worth trying to uncover fresher skin.

Proto-col’s microdermabrasion natural skin treatment is available from in 60ml and 20ml sizes and, from 1 October 2010 until Christmas, it is part of several special offer packs including the Luxury Pamper Pack (which has a huge reduction of £45.80 on the price).

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All About Proto-col Instant Manicure

The Proto-col Instant Manicure product is a remarkable example of a natural skin treatment.

It is truly instant with the effects felt within a minute of use. It is a scrub inspired by use in the spa industry and will smooth, nourish and rejuvenate hands using Dead Sea salts, pure essential oils and antioxidants. The inclusion of rosemary and peppermint oils has a reviving aromatherapy effect while the Dead Sea salts remove the dead skin cells. This has the result of clearing the way for the penetration of the essential oils, leaving the hands feeling incredibly smoother, brighter and revitalised.

All that is required is for the user to wash their hands and pat them dry. The oils and salts are separate in the pot so need to be stirred together before you scoop a small amount into the palm of your hand and massage it into the whole area of the hand from the wrists to the cuticles. Do this for 60 seconds before rinsing the hands again and patting them dry. One container should give you more than 80 applications.

While the hands are being rubbed, you will feel the roughness of the Dead Sea salts but, once you wash the salts off, you will be amazed by how soft the skin on your hands has become!

This natural skin treatment removes the need for a hand cream and could perhaps be left at the side of a sink as a reward after work has been completed.

Our hands get a lot of abuse, especially if you are in a job needing manual work or are handling cleaning materials. Even in normal conditions dust, pollution and climate can take a toll on our hands. Ageing is often seen early in the skin of the hands.

Proto-col Instant Manicure is the natural skin treatment that can combat these skin stresses on the hands and has the effect of refreshing your senses at the same time.

STOP PRESS: All the Proto-col luxury Exfoliator Scrubs have had a £2 price reduction from 1 October 2010. Please visit to find out more.

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Proto-col Lip Gloss Range

The Proto-col range of lip glosses come in five different colours: Coconut Ice, Copper Kiss, Pretty In Pink, Strawberry Crush and Crystal Clear.

All the range have an amazing lightweight effect on your lips thanks to a gel formulation. Each one is non-sticky and gives a long-lasting shine that will give you a new glamour. The mineral oil found in each one will also hydrate your lips nicely.

For a bit of fun – and also practicality – each shade includes a LED light and a mirror in the top as well as an application brush to give a better finish, of course. This means you can apply the gloss wherever and whenever you need it.

Crystal Clear can be used to give a wonderful shine to your lips or to give extra gloss to one of the other shades. If you are more imaginative you can even mix the Crystal Clear with one of the Proto-col mineral makeup powders to create your own lip colour.

How do you apply the Proto-col Lip Glosses?

Use the brush to apply the gloss to the centre of your lower lip then press your lips together and this will evenly distribute the gloss. On their own they will give a soft sheen but a gorgeous high gloss can be achieved by building up layers.

For a limited time, all five lip glosses in the range can be bought together for the price of four, packed in a silver clutch bag.

Please visit for more details on this offer and all the other natural mineral cosmetics in the wonderful Proto-col range.

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Mineral Eye Shadow Demonstration (Video)

A demonstration of the brown eye shadow collection from Proto-col’s range of natural mineral cosmetics.

To find out more about this exciting range of natural mineral cosmetics, see the other shades available and try them for yourself, please go to

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Ideal World TV Presents Proto-col

Debbie Shore from Ideal World TV talks about the excellent range of natural health and beauty products from Proto-col:

To find out more and buy these great products, go to

The Magic Of Green Magic

Proto-col's Green Magic

Recently the Formula One racing circus put on a great display at Monte Carlo with Australian Mark Webber winning an incident packed race. But how would Webber’s car perform if his team had filled his car with the wrong fuel?

The problem here is our bodies are just the same. Fill them with the wrong fuel then they will not perform at all well. And yet that is what most of us do everyday.

In 1960 the chances of a woman developing breast cancer was 1 in 20 but recent figures show this has reduced to 1 in 8 today. In the United Kingdom alone the cases have increased by twenty five percent between 1975 and 2004. The male sperm count was recorded as 100 million per millilitre in 1940 but only 50 million in 1990. There have been claims the figure has now reached 5 million and predictions that many men will be infertile within fifty years.

The chances of suffering from cancer have been revised from 1 in 3 to 1 in 2 recently.

Diabetes is becoming a worldwide epidemic with the World Health Organization predicting the number of cases to rise from 171 million in 2000 to 366 million in 2030. Equally the WHO predict the number of cases of obesity are set to rise from the 2005 figure of 400 million to 700 million in 2015.

With such alarming health statistics, we have to start examining what we are all doing wrong. It could well be what we are eating. In 1940 a serving of spinach (approximately 180 grams or a cupful) contained 150 milligrams of iron now it is quite likely to be two milligrams.

Do We Know What We Are Eating?

One reason for the lack of nutrients in food now is mass production. We have to produce so much food so quickly and at the lowest cost that the nutrients do not have time to accumulate. The ground also becomes depleted. Fertilizers are used to improve production but these only help to leach the vitamins and minerals from the ground.

Meat production animals fare little better. Frequently they eat less grass, instead consuming hay and silage or artificial foods. In order to improve their health and quality of the meat the animals may well also be full of steroids, antibiotics and other drugs. Compassion In World Farming estimates that two out of every three farm animals in the world are on factory farms.

Factory farmed broiler chickens are grown quickly, sometimes in dreadful conditions. It is estimated ten percent have cancer and twenty percent are disabled. Once again they are pumped full of drugs, including antibiotics. This triumph of economics over health means we are unsure exactly what we are consuming.

Clever marketing ensures we consider biscuits, cakes and sweets as ‘treats’ or ready meals as convenient. We all buy into eating too much salt, sugar and fat. The fat is frequently artificial which the body is unable to process, turning it into body fat, and this, combined with our less active lives can cause heart disease.

Time To Eat Correctly

Governments recommend the average person should consume five portions of fruit and vegetables a day but recently the World Health Organisation has revised this up to eight to fourteen portions. The true requirement is likely to be twenty however.

How can we change our own lives to combat this? Clearly twenty portions of fruit and vegetables a day is virtually impossible to take in so the likely solution is to reject processed and unnecessary foods and eat more organic fruit and vegetables, ideally from your own garden or perhaps from local farm shops and farmers markets. You can then top up your requirements by using high quality, natural dietary supplements alongside your healthy diet.

There are many such natural dietary supplements on the market but one that caught my eye was Green Magic produced by Proto-col. This comes in the form of a powder for ease of absorption and contains all the vitamins and minerals needed to ensure your intake reaches the required standard.       

To find out more about and try Green Magic and other natural dietary supplements and health and beauty products, please visit

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Collagen – Essential To Health And Beauty

It Might Be Wise To Think About Collagen Now

James Greenwell was the captain of the British modern pentathlon team. Six years ago, at the peak of his abilities, he suffered a tendon injury to his ankle, which threatened to end his career. He was told it would take at least three months to restore fitness. James decided to research alternative therapies in an attempt to speed up the healing process.

His research took him to Professor Greg Whyte, Professor of Applied Sport and Exercise Science, at John Moore’s University, Liverpool. Professor Whyte recommended the use of collagen hydrolysate, so James was put on a course of fifteen tablets a day. He returned to training in an incredible 22 days. Other Olympic athletes now use collagen health supplements to treat injuries.

Collagen is the most common structural protein in the human body. It makes up some 76% of the muscles, skin and connective tissues. From the age of 25, we lose 1.5% of our collagen every year so by the age of 45 30% is lost.

This collagen loss accounts for the ageing of skin and the loss of peak physical performance, particularly if you undertake vigorous physical exercise. The reduction of collagen in tendons, ligaments, muscles, cartilage and connective tissues obviously reduces the support for the joints and leads to conditions such as arthritis and muscular skeletal injuries. The immune system can even be affected by a reduction. Collagen health is therefore of great benefit to the body.

Cape Western University undertook a study of four hundred patients suffering with arthritic knees from the USA, Germany and Britain. Some of the patients were given a placebo and the remainder were treated with collagen. 93% of the latter group showed positive results, some after only two weeks, and there was a general improvement in joint mobility and reduction in pain. A similar study at Harvard Medical School showed 90% of the respondents treated with collagen reported an improvement in movement.

More recently, a joint study at Stamford University and the University of Munich examined two thousand sufferers of osteoarthritis in the hip and knee. Both sexes were included and of those treated with collagen 75% reported a reduction in pain and increased mobility.

Collagen has been used as a supplement in several forms including injections and creams. However the most effective delivery of the protein is in the form of capsules taken orally.

After his retirement from athletics James Greenwell teamed up with Professor Greg Whyte to market a collagen health supplement tablet. The brand they created, Proto-col, now distributes these and other health and beauty products from a base in Bradford-Upon-Avon in Wiltshire. Not surprisingly, celebrities and beauty specialists are already beating a path to their door.

If you want to find out more about Proto-col collagen capsules and try them yourself please go to

A Bottle Of The Amazing Collagen Health Capsules

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