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Smoking And Your Skin

Girl smoking cigarette

The effects of aging and excess sun on the skin on otherwise healthy skin are well known but there is one pollutant that can have a detrimental effect too. Smoking.

Healthy skin comes from the inside through nutritional health but in the case of smoking damage comes from inside and outside too.

Of course there has been a lot of negative propaganda about smoking in recent years so it would be too easy to see this article as another annoying campaign to stop smoking. Nonetheless, I will try to set out how smoking affects the skin as a reasoned argument for healthy skin.

The primary role of the blood is to transport oxygen to the vital organs in the body including healthy skin. One of the byproducts of tobacco smoke is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is absorbed two hundred times more quickly than oxygen and displaces the oxygen in the bloodstream thus starving the vital organs. In excess carbon monoxide kills.

Carbon monoxide also creates extra free radicals in the body, which attack various areas, particularly the skin.

One of the roles of the liver in the body is to neutralize harmful chemicals. If it has to deal with too many it will have to switch from its usual functions to deal with the threat. Just to summarize the livers important functions, it helps process digested food and turns it into energy, controls the level of fats, glucose and amino acids, combats various infections in the body, cleans the body of infections, stores essential chemicals and vitamins, manufactures proteins and enzymes essential to the bodily functions, manufactures bile and of course neutralizes drugs and toxins. Pretty useful then.

Cigarette smoke contains several harmful chemicals including hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, cadmium and prussic acid. Overworking the liver in combatting these threats leads to healthy skin turning yellow: a condition that can get worse the more cigarettes smoked.

Smoking also damages the nutritional health of the skin by restricting the formation of vitamin C. This vitamin is itself an anti-oxidant so is unable to attack the extra free radicals produced by the act of smoking.

Vitamin C also helps in the production of collagen, which helps plump the skin. Reduced vitamin C begins the change from healthy skin to the dry, wrinkly and saggy skin seen in experienced smokers.

We all know smoking produces nicotine, another of the harmful chemicals, and this acts like an adrenaline, restricting the blood vessels to the skin. This further restricts the flow of nutrients and oxygen. Another consequence is wounds are slow to heal.

But it is not just the chemical effects that damage healthy skin. Think about the physical reactions to smoking. Firstly, smokers purse their lips to draw the smoke and this repeated action promotes extreme wrinkles around the mouth. Equally, the eyes are more frequently squeezed shut, both in the action of smoking and in avoiding smoke getting into the eyes. Again, this repeated action creates wrinkles around the eyes.

All of us probably know someone who has spent too long in the sun on a regular basis and is showing premature aging of his or her skin. If you look at a heavy smoker you will see similar effects, except the skin will also look sallow.

Clearly smoking tobacco has a detrimental effect on otherwise healthy skin. Natural supplements and natural beauty products can reverse the signs to an extent but the better option is to not smoke at all.

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Man smoking a cigarette

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Protocol Freezes VAT On Their Products

I am sure you are aware that VAT in the UK is to rise from 17.5% to 20% on January 1 2010.

The On Group, owners of the Proto-col brand of natural beauty products has however announced today that the prices of their products will not increase.

This means you can buy your favourite collagen supplement, mineral makeup, fake tan products, natural supplements, natural skincare and sports nutrition supplements at the same price in 2011 as it has been this year.

Equally any distributors of these natural beauty products will benefit from the same great profits and commissions as before.

Everybody wins.

A government economist, Roger Martin-Fagg noted “This is a stroke of genius for Proto-col in the British and European economy.”

If you are thinking of becoming a distributor for Proto-col then now is a great time. Many are predicting great growth for this natural beauty products brand in 2011.

Join the excitement now!

NOTE: There are still great promotions for the Christmas period available on – the last dates for ordering for Christmas is December 20 (12pm for Royal Mail delivery) and December 22 (12pm for courier delivery) so there is still time to give family and friends some wonderful gifts whilst keeping the costs to a minimum!

Also note that there is a Proto-col National Conference on February 6 2011 so all new distributors can go along and find out all they need about this fast-expanding range of natural beauty products.

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Look After Your Neck And Hands

You may have noticed as I have but aging is given away by the condition of the neck and hands. This is why many older celebrities take to wearing scarves and other neck ornaments. Others might even wear gloves more.

Too much sun can also show aging on the chest: I have known several older ladies in particular from hotter countries whose chests show their age very early.

The skin on these surfaces tends to be thinner with less sweat and oil glands to keep the area moisturised. The skin on the neck, hands and chest needs to be treated in a different way to other areas, such as the face, so some healthy skin tips might be appropriate.

The truth is these areas of the skin show the state of your collagen health. It is the deterioration of the collagen in the skin that helps create this aged, wrinkled look.

There are several ways to combat this.

You can improve your collagen health in various ways including collagen injections and collagen capsules.

There are surgical and other drastic procedures you can undertake but good natural skin treatment products should be effective in keeping the symptoms at bay. Often good nutrition, including natural dietary supplements, should help too.

There is a deeper layer of dead skin cells on the neck, hands and chest and this is why natural skincare products are usually thicker in consistency.

The use of a good quality sunscreen can also delay the signs of aging.

Too often these areas of skin are neglected in the regular use of natural skin treatment but as the neck, hands and chest can be such a giveaway to age, they should clearly be given at least equal attention.

Proto-col provide a high quality, good value range of collagen capsules, natural dietary supplements and natural skin treatment products that are designed to reduce the signs of aging. Find out more at

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Proto-col Have Discovered Animal Health!

Most people are now convinced about the importance of collagen to the human body (if not, have a look at this article) but what about the collagen health of animals?

Most of our pets need collagen as much as us humans to stay supple and healthy and several pet owners have been using Proto-col collagen capsules for their animals.

One horse owner in Spain, Jane, has been giving her horse, Don Kiryl, a regular dose of Proto-col collagen and found the results remarkable. Read her account on .

As of this week, however, Proto-col have launched their Proto-flex range collagen capsules particularly prepared for animal health use.

There are two types: Pet Collagen and Equine Collagen. The Pet Collagen has a three-for-the-price-of-one promotion running at present and the Equine Collagen comes in a 200g trial size or a 900g tub size.

To find out more go to – I think your animals will thank you for doing so!

Why can’t animals Look, Feel and Be Ravishing too?

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Collagen Mimetic Peptides (Video)

A fascinating video by John Hopkins University gives a glimpse of the work by Michael Yu indicating that collagen could be used for life changing therapy.

Proto-col’s revolutionary collagen capsules are the subject of several amazing offers from 1 October 2010 until Christmas. To find out more about the capsules and the offers, please go to

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The Dangers Of Sunbeds

Justine Sheils has used sunbeds since she was 15 years old to get a tan before a holiday then top it up when back at home. At the age of 32 she was diagnosed with malignant melanoma (skin cancer) and had to have two operations to remove tumours. “I get so angry when I hear young celebrities say having a tan makes you look sexy. It’s only when you get older you understand the risks.”

Every year in the United Kingdom alone 40 000 new cases of skin cancer are reported with around 2000 proving fatal. Most cases are as a result of over exposure to the sun but the use of sunbeds may well contribute to this.

At fault is the drive to develop a healthy tan. The fashion for brown skin developed throughout the twentieth century. Earlier a paler skin was considered a mark of high social status and still is in countries such as India. Perhaps we are beginning to understand why.

Ironically a tan is not healthy at all. Too much ultra violet radiation (UVR) creates a tan, which is a symptom of skin damage. It is in fact the beginning of photoaging or premature aging of the skin. We have all seen the effects of this in people who have spent too long in the sun and develop leathery, wrinkled and sagging skin. The dermis is the layer of skin beneath the outer layer (the epidermis) and contains collagen and elastic fibres, which provide the support and elasticity to the skin. In photoaging the collagen fibrils become disorganized and abnormal amounts of elastin material accumulates. This is known as solar elastosis. A tan fades but the damage to the skin does not.

The most common types of skin cancer are actually non-threatening, including basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer, but the risk of the potentially fatal malignant melanoma cancer is always present. Cancer Research UK reports that the incidence of skin cancer has quadrupled since the 1970s.

The debate on sunbeds is part of the wider debate on over exposure to the sun or more specifically to the UVR. In response to the evidence, the Sunbed Association have pointed out that there are regulations available on the use of their products and there is no evidence to show the use of sunbeds alone is dangerous. In reality no one person uses a sunbed alone without lying in the sun as well. Nonetheless it is believed the extensive use of sunbeds has contributed to the levels of cancer. It is reported some sunbeds give out more UVR doses than the Mediterranean sun at noon.

Generally the risk of skin cancer increases with age but worryingly younger people are more at risk of malignant melanoma. In fact the condition is now the most common cancer in the 15-34 age range and is twice as common in women up to the age of 34 than in men of the same age. For this reason the British Medical Association is now calling for a ban on under eighteen year olds using sunbeds and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has called for all local authority leisure centres to ban their use on their premises.

So can we safely get a fashionable tan? Self-tanning lotions have improved markedly over the years and bronzers and tanning pills offer possible alternatives. As with many products the quality can vary so it is best to research the brands but natural tanning products are available and may be the better option.

The drive to have what is considered a ‘healthy’ tan encourages too many to take risks. Clearly it is wise to be sensible and find safe alternatives to using a sun bed or staying out in the sun.


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Grazia Article On Collagen

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