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Health And Beauty Tip Number 5: Exfoliate Before Self-Tanning


With the new awareness of skin cancer, sunless tan lotions are becoming more and more popular. In 2004 Americans spent $48 million on sunless tan lotions and that figure will be increasing with health awareness. Expect similar figures in other countries.

There are a range of fake tan products on the market but there are still ways to ensure your tan looks as natural as ever. One of these tips for fake tanning is to exfoliate before you apply the lotion or spray.

Exfoliating removes the dead skin so ensuring the sunless tan lotion is absorbed into healthy skin and not old skin that will then fall off. Applying the lotion to dead skin can also result in a scaly look to then finish. The lotion is best absorbed into fresh skin in any case.

As with many beauty methods, preparation is key.


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Sunless Tan Lotions: The Best Application



More and more people are turning to sunless tan lotions to ensure they look good wearing summer clothing.

Of course it depends on your skin but there are many for whom sunless tan lotions are a Godsend, particularly if your skin goes red at the slightest show of the sun. In any case the concerns about skin cancer and skin damage is turning more and more people away from sunbathing.

Often suppliers have promotions running on their sunless tan lotions which use natural ingredients and helps you not only get a tan but a healthy skin too.

All in all this is great time to get yourself a great looking tan.

With sunless tan lotions you can look as if you came straight off holiday almost overnight – without the risks but it is useful to know how best to apply your tan.

The Yahoo Lifestyle pages recently published a useful guide on how to apply a fake tan for the best results.

Read the article here.


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Protocol Freezes VAT On Their Products

I am sure you are aware that VAT in the UK is to rise from 17.5% to 20% on January 1 2010.

The On Group, owners of the Proto-col brand of natural beauty products has however announced today that the prices of their products will not increase.

This means you can buy your favourite collagen supplement, mineral makeup, fake tan products, natural supplements, natural skincare and sports nutrition supplements at the same price in 2011 as it has been this year.

Equally any distributors of these natural beauty products will benefit from the same great profits and commissions as before.

Everybody wins.

A government economist, Roger Martin-Fagg noted “This is a stroke of genius for Proto-col in the British and European economy.”

If you are thinking of becoming a distributor for Proto-col then now is a great time. Many are predicting great growth for this natural beauty products brand in 2011.

Join the excitement now!

NOTE: There are still great promotions for the Christmas period available on – the last dates for ordering for Christmas is December 20 (12pm for Royal Mail delivery) and December 22 (12pm for courier delivery) so there is still time to give family and friends some wonderful gifts whilst keeping the costs to a minimum!

Also note that there is a Proto-col National Conference on February 6 2011 so all new distributors can go along and find out all they need about this fast-expanding range of natural beauty products.

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