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Healthy Makeup For Skin: Titanium Dioxide



Mineral powder makeup is promoted as a healthy makeup for skin as it contains natural ingredients that work with the skin and promotes its health. Other more traditional cosmetics often simply cover the skin and prevent its normal functions.

One ingredient regularly used in all natural makeup is titanium dioxide.

This substance is a natural sunscreen as it absorbs, reflects or scatters ultra violet light and naturally offers a protection of SPF20. Titanium dioxide also gives whiteness to all natural makeup and reduces its transparency.

There have been some reports that titanium dioxide might be carcinogenic. A carcinogen is any substance that encourages cells to malfunction and to become cancerous. There have been several studies recently in an attempt to understand if the substance represents a risk or not.

In 1985, a study with the snappy title “Pulmonary Response of Rats Exposed to Titanium Dioxide by Inhalation for Two Years” discovered that rats exposed to titanium dioxide dust for six hours a day, five days a week for two years did develop slight lung tumours. However another study in 2004 discovered that the same exposure had no effect on other rodents or indeed on larger mammals (such as humans) so there is a danger peculiar to rats alone. This conclusion had also been formed following another study by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Food and Health organization in 1969.

In any case it would be extremely unlikely that any human would be exposed to the high levels of titanium dioxide used in these studies. One could say that too much of anything would be bad for us.

One type of titanium dioxide that has been causing some concern in recent years is the use of nanoparticles of the substance. Indeed, there is concern about the use of nanoparticles, or microscopic particles, of any substance.  Some evidence shows that small enough particles of a material could penetrate the cells, leading to a fear of cancer creation. It may be wise to treat any cosmetics using this technology with caution.

In conclusion it is always wise for any consumers to be informed about the products and their ingredients being used on the skin. In general it still seems that any cosmetics using small amounts of titanium dioxide represent healthy makeup for skin.

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Tips To Beautiful Skin: Sugar And Your Skin

We all know about the damage to the skin created by alcohol, smoking and the sun but did you know one of the healthy skin tips we should follow is to avoid consuming excess sugar?

Of course the body needs some sugar for energy but too often we eat sugary foods and drinks that provide amounts in excess of our requirements. Interestingly sugar molecules will attach themselves to proteins and create a damaging process called glycation. This takes place where there is a lack of enzymes, which usually control the damage caused by sugar.

The type of sugar consumed makes a difference too. Fructose and galactose have ten times the glycation activity of glucose. The reactions are slow but end up as advanced glycation end products (or AGEs). It is these AGEs that cause the trouble as they can lead to heart disease, deafness, cancer and even Alzheimer’s disease. In other words, an excess of sugar accelerates the sign of ageing.

You will not be surprised therefore to learn that glycation damages the proteins (collagen) in the skin so leading to yet more wrinkles. This happens in two ways; the AGEs reduce the abilities of collagen to rebuild the skin and also they increase the rate at which collagen breaks down.

So the best way to keep your collagen health is to lay off the sugary foods and perhaps take a collagen capsule course.

Read more about the effects of sugar on the skin on the website.


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Healthy Skin Tips: Caring For Your Feet

One of the best healthy skin tips we can use is to look after your feet.

The great comedian Tommy Cooper used to tell this joke: ‘My feet are killing me – every night they grab me around the throat.’

How many times have we used the expression ‘my feet are killing me?’ We take care of the skin on all other parts of the body and neglect our feet. Yet think how much use our feet get during the day.

To be healthy we need exercise and often this involves pounding the feet on the ground. Many of us have jobs that require us to stand up much of the day or at least to walk from one place to another regularly.

In the same way that it makes sense to look after the tyres on a car (as the only contact we have with the road), we owe it to our feet to keep them in good condition. There are several conditions, such as Athletes Foot, blister, corns and bunions, which can affect the health of our feet.

We would notice if we could not use them so here are some healthy skin tips to help your feet.

Soak your feet in warm, soapy water every day. This will help soothe the aches and soften the skin, at least temporarily. In the past I have undertaken a fair amount of hill walking and soaking the feet after a long walk was always a delight.

Infection develops where there is dry skin and cracks so it is a good idea to remove dead skin cells by using a pumice stone or a foot scrub.

To finish the pampering of your feet, moisturize the soles as these do not have oil glands and of course get the most abuse during the day.

A great way to look after your feet is to use Proto-col Instant Pedicure as this contains Dead Sea salts to remove the dead skin cells, Lemongrass as an antiperspirant, the anti-fungal treatment tea tree oil and various natural oils to ease and moisturise the feet.

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Natural Diet Supplement: Breakfast Suggestions


Young Woman With Breakfast Cereal And Milk

An important part of a healthy diet is eating a good breakfast every day. Of course the right natural diet supplement will help but a good breakfast is still important. This video includes some useful suggestions.


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Nutritional Health Supplements: A Winning Combination For Skin

When choosing nutritional health supplements to ensure you have the healthiest skin, it is now clear that you should consider those that combine calcium and vitamin D.

The Journal Of Clinical Oncology reported recently on a new study by Dr. Jean Tang at the Stanford University School of Medicine that discovered evidence that this combination has great benefits for skin.

The study collected data from 36,282 women in the age range of 50 to 79 years old who were given either a supplement containing vitamin D and calcium or a placebo. The initial intention was to see if the nutritional health supplements given had an effect on the number of hip fractures or colon cancer but, during the seven year follow up from the project, it was discovered that the subjects who had previously experienced non-melanoma skin cancer reduced the risk of melanoma by 57 per cent, compared to those not taking the supplement.

The next stage is to try the combination on cancer cells directly to see if there is an effect.

Ironically the best source of vitamin D other than nutritional health supplements is sunlight. Of course the problem is the ultra violet rays also cause skin cancer too.

See the report on this study on the health website.

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Tips To Beautiful Skin: Sensible Skincare

The market for skincare products is massive and yet some of the best tips to beautiful skin involve common sense techniques that do not involve skin products at all.

It is important to keep your skin clean. Remove all the dust, oil, dirt and makeup from your skin and have a good wash, patting your skin dry with a soft towel after. All natural makeup or mineral makeup can be worn to bed on the odd occasion but it is always better to clean your skin before bed as often as possible.

Cleaning your skin in this way will prevent grime working its way into your pores and creating blackheads, pimples and other nasties. Equally the advantage of all natural makeup is that it allows the skin to breathe and function freely; a build up of oil and dirt will prevent that, as will many cheap cosmetics.

It’s worth observing what is happening to your skin. As mentioned above pimple and spots indicate there is something wrong with perhaps your cleaning routine or a lack of sleep or even your nutrition. The whole body functions from the intake of the right vitamins and minerals and the skin indicates an imbalance as clearly as any part of the body.

Hormones can cause difficulties with the skin so, if there is a problem you cannot identify then it might be worth consulting a dermatologist or your doctor for advice.

Last among the tips to beautiful skin is the advice to cut down on alcohol. This is probably an unpopular tip but that doesn’t stop it being correct. Alcohol is a diuretic so it makes you urinate more, which dehydrates the body, especially the skin. In any case, the imbibing of any substance not naturally occurring in the body will have a negative effect and alcohol can affect the absorption of certain nutrients into the body. Some of these are necessary for healthy skin.

Instead of alcohol, drink lots of water and this will help you to have a plump, soft, hydrated skin.

Look after your skin and you will look and feel ravishing.


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Sunless Tan Lotions: Suntanning Myths


Those people who enjoy getting their suntan from sunbathing rather than sunless tan lotions tend to believe certain falsehoods about the practice. Here are a few of those beliefs.

Sunscreen gives you enough protection from the sun. Most sunscreens protect against the UVB ultraviolet rays but not the other type, UVA. There are a few that do protect from both but not many.

In any case, sunscreen has limited use especially as some brands work better than others. An SPF of 30 gives you thirty times the protection of your normal defences. The time will vary depending on where you are and when but if we suppose it takes ten minutes to burn normally, a factor 30 will protect you for thirty times that which is four hours.

If you observe the natives of hot countries they tend to seek the shade during the hottest hours of the day (generally 10am to 4pm) and cover up. The phrase ‘mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun’ has more than a grain of truth in it. A hat is always a good idea, especially one with a good wide brim.

Many believe you cannot get sunburnt if it is cloudy. Not true. UVA is the main cause of ageing and contributes to skin cancer and is always present during daylight hours. The level of UVB tends to vary but is still only partially obscured by clouds and fog. UVB is the main cause of skin cancer. In any case, have you ever be burned by a warm wind? This often happens when the sun is obscured.

Sunscreen can be sweat and waterproof. This is true to a limited extent but I would not rely on these claims. In any case, sunscreen is easily wiped away when wiping your forehead, using a towel or removing sand that adheres to your body. The wisest course at all times is to reapply protection at least every two or three hours.

Obviously it is best to be cautious and sensible when outside on a warm day and, if you insist on getting a tan, then you will be better using one of the sunless tan lotions currently available.


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Healthy Skin Tips: Look after Your Skin

It’s funny but there is a great deal written about why you should look after your vital organs, such as your heart, lungs, liver and so on, and it is right we should but when you hear healthy skin tips you rarely hear why we should be looking after our skin.

Most assume we need to look after our skin simply to look good but that isn’t the whole story.

The skin is an important organ as much as the others. It is in fact the largest organ in the body and does a lot to benefit your health. Your skin is the outer layer of course so it protects the other organs as well as the skeleton, blood and muscles. It carries the nerves so gives you the important stimuli of pleasure and pain. Pain in particular is important as a warning something is wrong, such as excess heat and cold.

The skin also regulates the temperature of the body through the flow of blood to the surface and the opening and closing of pores. If you have dry and cracked skin then bacteria and viruses can enter so the skin is a barrier to protect us from those invasions too.

It is therefore good to watch out for healthy skin tips as it is worth looking after this important organ. A healthy skin makes you feel good and this helps you look good.

Abuse your skin and you start to suffer premature ageing and even skin cancer.

So watch out for any healthy skin tips you can and look after your skin. Your skin will then look after you.

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Healthy Makeup For Skin: Propylene Glycol And Cosmetics

In trying to discover why all natural makeup is a healthy makeup for skin and why cheap cosmetics cause skin reactions, one has to examine the ingredients in each.

One of the significant substances in cheaper traditional cosmetics is propylene glycol. This is added to skin products as it prevents drying but is found in many products used on the body such as cosmetics, lotions, deodorants, shampoos, hair conditioners and even toothpaste. Unfortunately it is also found in anti-freeze, brake fluid, paint, cigarettes, car de-icer, pet foods, laundry deodorants and even some processed foods.

It is an alcohol produced by fermenting yeast and carbohydrates and does exist in different forms. Therefore the type of propylene glycol found in cosmetics is slightly different to those in more industrial products.

In 1991 the American Academy of Dermatologists reported on a study that showed even small amounts of the industrial propylene glycol causing skin irritation. The US Department of Health and Human Services has even produced a Material Safety Data Sheet on this chemical, which states that it may cause eye and skin irritation as well as nausea, headaches and intestinal problems after prolonged exposure. Other studies suggest more severe effects may be possible including lover and kidney damage.

So why do we put it in cosmetics?

The short answer is that propylene glycol is cheap. When creating a new inexpensive cosmetic it is good to be able to claim it prevents drying of the skin. However this means it is also prone to interfere with the natural processes of the skin.

The website explains the substance is used in over 4000 cosmetics products and gives lipstick its texture, helps combine the oil and water in body lotions, ensures shampoo foam and keeps fragrances smelling for longer. The site claims there is a very low level of toxicity and it is possible to ingest anything other than small amounts.

The propylene glycol is used to transport active ingredients in products and the website maintains it is quickly changed into lactic acid in the body and excreted through the urine. To be fair they also state there are no ill effects from small amounts of the pharmaceutical chemical. The various regulatory bodies around the world have deemed the substance to be safe although in Europe its use is restricted to mostly non-food applications.

However this debate does not answer the question about skin irritation. Propylene glycol is undoubtedly foreign to the body and as such should be treated with suspicion. Many cheaper traditional cosmetics block the pores and add nothing to the skin, which needs to breathe to be healthy.

Many people do not wear any makeup at all as they find it irritates their skin and a few studies have traced this back to the use of products containing propylene glycol.

All natural makeup or mineral cosmetics however use natural ingredients to add nutrition to the skin as well as make the wearer look good.

Of course every purchaser of cosmetics will make up their own mind (if you will excuse the expression) but generally the healthy makeup for skin would seem to be an all natural makeup.


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Health And Beauty Tip Number 5: Exfoliate Before Self-Tanning


With the new awareness of skin cancer, sunless tan lotions are becoming more and more popular. In 2004 Americans spent $48 million on sunless tan lotions and that figure will be increasing with health awareness. Expect similar figures in other countries.

There are a range of fake tan products on the market but there are still ways to ensure your tan looks as natural as ever. One of these tips for fake tanning is to exfoliate before you apply the lotion or spray.

Exfoliating removes the dead skin so ensuring the sunless tan lotion is absorbed into healthy skin and not old skin that will then fall off. Applying the lotion to dead skin can also result in a scaly look to then finish. The lotion is best absorbed into fresh skin in any case.

As with many beauty methods, preparation is key.


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