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Aids And Nutrition

The AIDS/HIV virus is no longer big news but of course it is still a massive problem. At the end of 2009 it has been estimated that 33 million people were living with AIDS and 16 million orphans were created when their parents died of the disease.

During discussions on nutritional health and natural dietary supplements it has been mentioned that certain vitamins and minerals might be good for the immune system. The AIDS/HIV virus is of course an attack on the immune system so surely nutritional health could impact on the treatment or prevention of the disease?

In truth, each AIDS sufferer needs different nutrients so the advice seems to be for them to ensure they eat a balanced diet and then consult a nutritional health specialist who can perhaps recommend a set course of natural dietary supplements suited to the individual.

In many illnesses the sufferers can require more calories than the average person as the body is disrupted by the disease. This is certainly the case with AIDS and is the reason why the loss of body weight is such a problem with them.

Bad nutritional health is an aspect of AIDS for several reasons.

Firstly, the virus affects the absorption of nutrients into the gut as it damages the lining of the gastrointestinal tract.

As it is the immune system that is attacked other conditions, termed Opportunistic Infections (OI), attack the body and cause further nutritional health complications. Many cause vomiting for example, which obviously removes nutrients before they can be absorbed.

Medications used can often have side effects, which affect the intake of food. Again, vomiting and diarrhoea are possible and the use of antibiotics may kill off beneficial bacteria in the gut. In any case, the disease causes sufferers to lose appetite.

The attack of the AIDS/HIV virus alters the metabolism of the body and the processing and use of nutrients, so affecting nutritional health. In addition the response of the immune system uses more energy. The amount of calories and vitamins and minerals used is therefore greatly increased. Nutritional health can also be damaged by hormonal changes, which are a feature of the disease.

As we have seen previously, nutritional deficiencies damage the immune system and, in the case of AIDS/HIV this simply serves to deepen the damage wrought by the virus. It becomes a vicious circle. A reduction in the vitamins A, C, E and the B complexes as well as minerals selenium and zinc cause particular problems as they affect cell immunity antibodies.

In the treatment of AIDS/HIV, more consideration is now given to nutritional health immediately the diagnosis is made to try to reduce the worst effects of the virus. Let’s hope the more we understand the processes going on, the more we can get closer to reducing the instances and severity of this terrible disease.

More information on nutritional health and AIDS/HIV can be found at The

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Look After Your Neck And Hands

You may have noticed as I have but aging is given away by the condition of the neck and hands. This is why many older celebrities take to wearing scarves and other neck ornaments. Others might even wear gloves more.

Too much sun can also show aging on the chest: I have known several older ladies in particular from hotter countries whose chests show their age very early.

The skin on these surfaces tends to be thinner with less sweat and oil glands to keep the area moisturised. The skin on the neck, hands and chest needs to be treated in a different way to other areas, such as the face, so some healthy skin tips might be appropriate.

The truth is these areas of the skin show the state of your collagen health. It is the deterioration of the collagen in the skin that helps create this aged, wrinkled look.

There are several ways to combat this.

You can improve your collagen health in various ways including collagen injections and collagen capsules.

There are surgical and other drastic procedures you can undertake but good natural skin treatment products should be effective in keeping the symptoms at bay. Often good nutrition, including natural dietary supplements, should help too.

There is a deeper layer of dead skin cells on the neck, hands and chest and this is why natural skincare products are usually thicker in consistency.

The use of a good quality sunscreen can also delay the signs of aging.

Too often these areas of skin are neglected in the regular use of natural skin treatment but as the neck, hands and chest can be such a giveaway to age, they should clearly be given at least equal attention.

Proto-col provide a high quality, good value range of collagen capsules, natural dietary supplements and natural skin treatment products that are designed to reduce the signs of aging. Find out more at

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Are Vitamin Supplements A Scam? (Video)

Although this video is specifically about America, what is being said is true of so many other countries.

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Get In Balance With Vita Balance

It is becoming increasing accepted that the food we eat has reduced nutrition compared with fifty years ago and therefore many people are simply not ingesting the vitamins and minerals required to sustain good health. In addition to this, our busy schedules often prevent us from taking the time to prepare the healthy food we should. One solution is to regularly take a good quality natural dietary supplement.

An effective natural dietary supplement is Proto-cols Vita Balance.

Vita Balance is packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, amino acids and more than twenty botanical herbs to provide a release of nutrients essential to the body’s effective function.

This supplement is formulated to maximise energy release as well as support digestion, the immune system, and the metabolism. Vita Balance contains no wheat, no preservatives, no sugar, no starch, and no artificial flavourings or sweeteners. This product is suitable for vegetarians and uses all natural ingredients.

Once inside the body, the tablets dissolve quickly and completely. One test of this is to pop one of them in a glass of water and you will see it break up in a short period of time.

A daily dose can prevent several diseases including cancer, osteoporosis and heart disease.

It includes an optimised Lipotrophic complex, which liquefy and homogenize fats in the blood. Lipotrophics encourage the production of lecithin by the liver and so reduces the level of fat in this organ.

This powerful natural dietary supplement contains an astonishing number of beneficial substances (too many to list here) but the 26 herbs included are interesting.

There are five categories of herbs included in Vita Balance.

Aromatic herbs are volatile oils to improve the digestion process and include wintergreen, peppermint and capsicum.

Astringent herbs (tannins) increase the natural detoxification system in the body. An example of one of these herbs is slippery elm.

Bitter herbs (phenolic compounds and saponins) are important in promoting the secretion of bile and include aloe vera, gotu kola and Echinacea.

Mucilaginous herbs (polysaccharides) have natural anti-inflammatory properties. One of these herbs is red raspberry.

The last group of herbs is the Nutritive group which is a powerful source of several vitamins and minerals and other nutrients, ensuring a feeling of wellness and a balance to the body’s systems. Vita Balance includes spirulina and Optimized B complex, providing eight water soluble B vitamins to reduce stress: ideal if your lifestyle is particularly hectic.

I take Proto-cols Vita Balance natural dietary supplement daily. It is one of the best on the market in my opinion and should be considered as an ideal source of the nutrients needed for the correct operation of the body’s functions, especially if combined with Proto-cols other powerful nutrition source, Green Magic.

Vita Balance is available in a 30 tablet trial size (10 days), 90 tablets (one month) and in a special ‘Winter Protection’ offer pack including Vita Balance, Defence and Green Magic (this offer available until Christmas 2010). See more at


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Proto-col Have Discovered Animal Health!

Most people are now convinced about the importance of collagen to the human body (if not, have a look at this article) but what about the collagen health of animals?

Most of our pets need collagen as much as us humans to stay supple and healthy and several pet owners have been using Proto-col collagen capsules for their animals.

One horse owner in Spain, Jane, has been giving her horse, Don Kiryl, a regular dose of Proto-col collagen and found the results remarkable. Read her account on .

As of this week, however, Proto-col have launched their Proto-flex range collagen capsules particularly prepared for animal health use.

There are two types: Pet Collagen and Equine Collagen. The Pet Collagen has a three-for-the-price-of-one promotion running at present and the Equine Collagen comes in a 200g trial size or a 900g tub size.

To find out more go to – I think your animals will thank you for doing so!

Why can’t animals Look, Feel and Be Ravishing too?

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The Secrets of Royal Jelly

A queen bee is created rather than born. All bee larvae are fed royal jelly; a thick, milky white and creamy liquid secreted from the hypopharngeal glands on the heads of the nurse bees. After three days only the young selected to be queen bees continue to dine on royal jelly. Royal jelly is very nutritious and ensures the queen is forty two percent larger and weighs sixty percent larger than the other bees. Amazingly she also lives for around seven years, as compared with the seven weeks of the average worker bee.

Is this longevity due purely to royal jelly or does the queen bee have an easy life? Actually during an average day the queen will produce some two thousand eggs weighing two and a half times her body weight. So, no, she does not have an easy life!

Royal jelly is obviously a wonder food to bees but is it nutritious to humans too? Can it be any use as one of the natural dietary supplements?

Many believe royal jelly is of great benefit to us, which is just as well as it is quite expensive to harvest with hives only yielding a small amount each time.

The substance is a complex substance, containing proteins, carbohydrates, fats and sugars and also vitamins A, B, C, D and E, enzymes and folic acid. It also includes twenty amino acids as well as calcium, copper, iron, sulphur, silicon, potassium and phosphorous.

Its uses are many and varied but royal jelly is certainly one of the most useful natural dietary supplements if only because it is one of the most powerful antioxidants known. It also contains acetylcholine, which is used to transmit nerve impulses from cell to cell. Too little of this substance can lead to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. It also contains a high number of fatty acids, including hydroxy acids, essential to the immune system.

It is possible for royal jelly to heal wounds, reduce cholesterol, be anti-inflammatory and have antibiotic properties although some scientists have doubts about this.
Royal jelly is also claimed to help the liver and kidneys and deal with bone fractures, mental fatigue, depression, a lack of energy, bronchial asthma, pancreatic disorders, stomach ulcers, skin disorders and insomnia. Not much then.

In 1959 Nature magazine reported experiments made one 1000 mice by a group of Canadian researchers. Half of the mice were given cancerous cells and half the cancer but with royal jelly too. Incredibly those given the royal jelly survived.

Some caution is needed with people prone to allergies as a 1992 study showed this substance could result in (ironically) hives, asthma or even fatal anaphylaxis (a multi-sense reaction) in extreme cases.

In 1980 as an episode of the hit television series ‘Tales Of The Unexpected,’ Roald Dahl wrote of a beekeeper who lived off royal jelly and slowly turned into a bee. This of course would not in real life but this amazing substance seems to have so many other useful properties that it would seem to be one of the more valuable natural dietary supplements and should not be ignored.

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Sports Nutrition Tips

Chelsea Football Club Nutritionist, Nick Broad, gives some fascinating tips on sports nutrition.

Visit to find out about Proto-col’s new sports nutrition health range, developed with the company’s founder and former Olympic athlete, James Greenwell.

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A Challenge

Here’s a challenge.

Why not try for a month only eating organic food from a local market or farm shop, together with a course of Proto-col’s Green Magic and Vita Balance natural dietary supplements and see how you feel at the end?

Proto-col’s natural dietary supplements can be found at

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What Are Amino Acids?

If you are the same as me, you will have looked into the idea of improving your health through perhaps natural dietary supplements. I have read quite a bit on what constitutes a healthy diet and indeed what natural dietary supplements it would be good to take. Fairly regularly I read articles or promotional literature that tells me ‘amino acids are important’ or ‘this product contains all the amino acids you need.’ I find myself thinking ‘jolly good, but what on earth are amino acids?’

The human body is made up of protein. In fact protein is the most abundant substance in the body after water. All of the body’s organs, muscles and functions depend on protein to function. Enzymes, tissues and antibodies all rely on protein. Without the correct amount of this important substance, you will feel run down, have more illnesses and you will experience muscle atrophy. Protein is constructed from a range of amino acids, each protein using a different combination.

Many amino acids are provided by the food we eat and are absorbed through the wall of the large intestine. Once inside they form peptides or polypeptides, which are large molecules. These gradually band together to form the required proteins. Amino acids are therefore the building blocks from which protein is constructed.

There are twenty different amino acids and they are separated into essential and non-essential. These terms are misleading as all the amino acids are required to ensure full health and the two different groups simply divide those which have to be gained from outside the body (essential) and those the body can produce itself from other chemicals (non-essential). Each one has different characteristics and benefits to the human body.

Essential amino acid Histidine, for example, is very useful. It is important in the production of blood cells, lowers blood pressure, helps remove heavy metals from the body, is necessary for the growth and repair of tissues, and the protection of the outer shell of nerve cells. Histidine is used to combat anaemia, ulcers, allergies and rheumatoid arthritis and is found in large quantities in haemoglobin.

The other essential amino acids are leucine, isoleucine, lysine, methoinine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine with benefits such as the control of blood sugars, the repair of muscle and skin and bones, producing collagen, detoxifying the body and preventing certain mental problems. Leucine, isoleucine and valine are absolutely necessary as they represent one third of the skeletal muscle in the body.

Glutamine is perhaps the best known of the non-essential amino acids and the others are arginine, proline, tyrosine, serine, alanine, asparagine, aspartic acid, glycine, cysteine and glutamic acid. The benefits are many and varied including affecting our moods, helping the correct functioning of the heart, boosting the immune system, assisting in the DNA and cell formation, reducing the loss of collagen, repairing cartilage and strengthening of joints, tendons and heart tissue.

With their many uses within the human body, all amino acids are key to our health. It is very clear why so much is spoken about them and why the supply of amino acids needs to be constantly maintained through such sources as natural dietary supplements.

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The Magic Of Green Magic

Proto-col's Green Magic

Recently the Formula One racing circus put on a great display at Monte Carlo with Australian Mark Webber winning an incident packed race. But how would Webber’s car perform if his team had filled his car with the wrong fuel?

The problem here is our bodies are just the same. Fill them with the wrong fuel then they will not perform at all well. And yet that is what most of us do everyday.

In 1960 the chances of a woman developing breast cancer was 1 in 20 but recent figures show this has reduced to 1 in 8 today. In the United Kingdom alone the cases have increased by twenty five percent between 1975 and 2004. The male sperm count was recorded as 100 million per millilitre in 1940 but only 50 million in 1990. There have been claims the figure has now reached 5 million and predictions that many men will be infertile within fifty years.

The chances of suffering from cancer have been revised from 1 in 3 to 1 in 2 recently.

Diabetes is becoming a worldwide epidemic with the World Health Organization predicting the number of cases to rise from 171 million in 2000 to 366 million in 2030. Equally the WHO predict the number of cases of obesity are set to rise from the 2005 figure of 400 million to 700 million in 2015.

With such alarming health statistics, we have to start examining what we are all doing wrong. It could well be what we are eating. In 1940 a serving of spinach (approximately 180 grams or a cupful) contained 150 milligrams of iron now it is quite likely to be two milligrams.

Do We Know What We Are Eating?

One reason for the lack of nutrients in food now is mass production. We have to produce so much food so quickly and at the lowest cost that the nutrients do not have time to accumulate. The ground also becomes depleted. Fertilizers are used to improve production but these only help to leach the vitamins and minerals from the ground.

Meat production animals fare little better. Frequently they eat less grass, instead consuming hay and silage or artificial foods. In order to improve their health and quality of the meat the animals may well also be full of steroids, antibiotics and other drugs. Compassion In World Farming estimates that two out of every three farm animals in the world are on factory farms.

Factory farmed broiler chickens are grown quickly, sometimes in dreadful conditions. It is estimated ten percent have cancer and twenty percent are disabled. Once again they are pumped full of drugs, including antibiotics. This triumph of economics over health means we are unsure exactly what we are consuming.

Clever marketing ensures we consider biscuits, cakes and sweets as ‘treats’ or ready meals as convenient. We all buy into eating too much salt, sugar and fat. The fat is frequently artificial which the body is unable to process, turning it into body fat, and this, combined with our less active lives can cause heart disease.

Time To Eat Correctly

Governments recommend the average person should consume five portions of fruit and vegetables a day but recently the World Health Organisation has revised this up to eight to fourteen portions. The true requirement is likely to be twenty however.

How can we change our own lives to combat this? Clearly twenty portions of fruit and vegetables a day is virtually impossible to take in so the likely solution is to reject processed and unnecessary foods and eat more organic fruit and vegetables, ideally from your own garden or perhaps from local farm shops and farmers markets. You can then top up your requirements by using high quality, natural dietary supplements alongside your healthy diet.

There are many such natural dietary supplements on the market but one that caught my eye was Green Magic produced by Proto-col. This comes in the form of a powder for ease of absorption and contains all the vitamins and minerals needed to ensure your intake reaches the required standard.       

To find out more about and try Green Magic and other natural dietary supplements and health and beauty products, please visit

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