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My Personal Healthy Skin Tips


My mother always laughed when I talked to her about the latest beauty product I had found and asked her for tips to beautiful skin. She had always washed with soap and water and had never used any face creams. Right into her eighties, she still had good skin – though obviously she hadn’t worried about trying to stop the wrinkles!
I am not so lucky and my skin gets dry easily. It is also quite sensitive – I learnt the hard way not to use strong soap if I didn’t want a puffy face! I don’t have a complicated skin routine. However, I am in my 50s and have managed to delay too many of the dreaded wrinkles so I assume I am doing something right. My healthy skin tips are simple and nothing we haven’t all heard before. These tips are:

  • Eat well – follow advice about healthy eating and drinking;
  • Protect your skin from the sun all the time, not just when you are sunbathing;
  • If you want a tan, read about tips for fake tanning and use of sunless tan lotions on this website;
  • Cleanse thoroughly with a gentle cleanser – even if you are really tired before you go to bed;
  • Find a moisturiser that suits you and use it;
  • Use a dedicated moisturiser around the eye area and be careful when applying – ‘be gentle’ is the order of the day.

There are no magic solutions and we are all different. However, we do all owe it to ourselves to look after our skin so, if you haven’t done so already, develop a routine that suits you and stick to it.

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How The View Of Sunless Tan Lotions Has Changed

How times have changed……..thank goodness!

I can remember classmates using sunless tan lotions when I was at secondary school. They weren’t very skilled at applying the lotion and the end result was usually an uneven orange hue, in the main on their legs.

It was embarrassing for the person who had to turn up for school realising how they looked. And the rest of us were ready to offer them tips for fake tanning. It wasn’t trendy to use sunless tan lotions and they were mostly used by people who weren’t going to be lucky enough to get away for a sun-filled holiday.

Those were the days before we worried about the effects of the sun on our skin. Now, we know about the potential dangers of basking in the sun in order to get a ‘real’ tan. So, those gaining their tan from a bottle can feel quite virtuous. They can also be very grateful that science has moved on and the products themselves are so much more sophisticated. Now, a wide range of people are happy to use them. We don’t know how many people in the public eye have used sunless tan lotions so they can look tanned all year round.

For some reason, there seems to be a general view that tanned skin looks good. It’s great that we now have easy access to products that will enable us to achieve the look we want without damaging our health.

By H.G.

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Sunless Tan Lotions: Using Fake Tan Products


The best sunless tan lotions when used properly completely remove the need to expose yourself to harmful the ultra-violet rays of the sun. It could be said that such lotions are thus a timesaver, money saver and health saver.

You no longer have to spend large amounts of money travelling around the world to find the sun, nor do you then have to spend hours lying in the sun. Of course many of us enjoy doing so but sunless tan lotions remove the need if we just want the tan without the long periods of sunbathing.

Tanning lotions work by triggering the production of melanin, the natural substance that enables the darkening of the skins pigment. This is achieved without the risks of melanoma or skin cancer.

Some of the better sunless tan lotions and all natural cosmetics further help your skin health by containing a sunblock to prevent sunburn.

A sign of a good quality tanning lotion is also the inclusion of a moisturiser. Environmental factors can dry out the skin, even without the influence of the sun but add in the ultra violet rays from the sun, and the problem is exacerbated. Sun worshippers frequently suffer from flaky and cracked skin leading to premature ageing.

Taking the risks of staying too long in the sun together with the benefits of using quality tanning lotions, it is difficult to see why anyone would use anything other than a good fake tan product to get a brown skin.


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Sunless Tan Lotions: California Bans Sun Beds For Under 18s

The use of sunless tan lotions to get a fashionable tanned look has received a boost recently. Last month the state of California in the USA banned anyone under the age of 18 from using sun beds.

The state of Texas had already stopped those aged less than 16 from using the method to get brown but California went a stage further. Other states such as New York, Ohio, Illinois and Rhode Island are examining the idea.

Inevitably tanning salon owners are saying the new legislation will drive them out of business but one guesses they simply need to minors offer good quality sunless tan lotions instead. It is thought between 5 and 10 percent of salons’ clients are under 18 years of age.

Californians are particularly keen on having a good suntan of course with tanning salons outnumbering Starbucks and MacDonald’s outlets in Los Angeles County. Skin cancer is a particular problem among the affluent in the state.

Similar legislation in the state of Illinois was rejected but Representative Robyn Gabel hopes to reintroduce the Bill before too long. Sadly there is opposition to a ban in other areas both as a result of a potential loss on income by a multi-dollar industry and the continuing fashion to get a deep suntan among teenagers.

Let’s hope we can persuade more young people to use sunless tan lotions to get the look they want.

Read more about the debate on the Medill Reports website and in a previous article here on

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Sunless Tan Lotions: Take Time On Your Sunless Tan



Any beauty regime is worth taking time over to get it just right and sunless tan lotions are just the same.

We feel a lot better about ourselves when we look good and many people think having a glowing, healthy tan helps. The retailer Superdrug found from research recently that 71% of British women feel a good tan makes them more confident. This means that, with the concern about the damage ultra-violet rays do to the skin, finding and applying the right sunless tan lotions is more important than ever.

One of the tips for fake tanning is to consider what level of tan you want. A deep, heavy tan does not suit many people and indeed looks silly on many. The key is to have a glow that is two shades darker than your normal skin colour. This will make you look healthy without looking fake. Let’s face it; a light glow looks much healthier than a leather-coloured skin.

Another of the tips for fake tanning is to take time and prepare in advance. Remove any body hair the day before or the sunless tan lotion will enter open pores left from shaving or waxing. Equally, exfoliate before applying sunless tan lotions to remove any dead cells that might prevent the lotion’s absorption.

Find more tips on using sunless tan lotions on the Northampton Chronicle website.


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Sunless Tan Lotions: Suntanning Myths


Those people who enjoy getting their suntan from sunbathing rather than sunless tan lotions tend to believe certain falsehoods about the practice. Here are a few of those beliefs.

Sunscreen gives you enough protection from the sun. Most sunscreens protect against the UVB ultraviolet rays but not the other type, UVA. There are a few that do protect from both but not many.

In any case, sunscreen has limited use especially as some brands work better than others. An SPF of 30 gives you thirty times the protection of your normal defences. The time will vary depending on where you are and when but if we suppose it takes ten minutes to burn normally, a factor 30 will protect you for thirty times that which is four hours.

If you observe the natives of hot countries they tend to seek the shade during the hottest hours of the day (generally 10am to 4pm) and cover up. The phrase ‘mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun’ has more than a grain of truth in it. A hat is always a good idea, especially one with a good wide brim.

Many believe you cannot get sunburnt if it is cloudy. Not true. UVA is the main cause of ageing and contributes to skin cancer and is always present during daylight hours. The level of UVB tends to vary but is still only partially obscured by clouds and fog. UVB is the main cause of skin cancer. In any case, have you ever be burned by a warm wind? This often happens when the sun is obscured.

Sunscreen can be sweat and waterproof. This is true to a limited extent but I would not rely on these claims. In any case, sunscreen is easily wiped away when wiping your forehead, using a towel or removing sand that adheres to your body. The wisest course at all times is to reapply protection at least every two or three hours.

Obviously it is best to be cautious and sensible when outside on a warm day and, if you insist on getting a tan, then you will be better using one of the sunless tan lotions currently available.


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Health And Beauty Tip Number 5: Exfoliate Before Self-Tanning


With the new awareness of skin cancer, sunless tan lotions are becoming more and more popular. In 2004 Americans spent $48 million on sunless tan lotions and that figure will be increasing with health awareness. Expect similar figures in other countries.

There are a range of fake tan products on the market but there are still ways to ensure your tan looks as natural as ever. One of these tips for fake tanning is to exfoliate before you apply the lotion or spray.

Exfoliating removes the dead skin so ensuring the sunless tan lotion is absorbed into healthy skin and not old skin that will then fall off. Applying the lotion to dead skin can also result in a scaly look to then finish. The lotion is best absorbed into fresh skin in any case.

As with many beauty methods, preparation is key.


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Sunless Tan Lotions: The Best Application



More and more people are turning to sunless tan lotions to ensure they look good wearing summer clothing.

Of course it depends on your skin but there are many for whom sunless tan lotions are a Godsend, particularly if your skin goes red at the slightest show of the sun. In any case the concerns about skin cancer and skin damage is turning more and more people away from sunbathing.

Often suppliers have promotions running on their sunless tan lotions which use natural ingredients and helps you not only get a tan but a healthy skin too.

All in all this is great time to get yourself a great looking tan.

With sunless tan lotions you can look as if you came straight off holiday almost overnight – without the risks but it is useful to know how best to apply your tan.

The Yahoo Lifestyle pages recently published a useful guide on how to apply a fake tan for the best results.

Read the article here.


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Sunless Tan Lotions: Realizing The Dangers Of Sunbeds


The case for using sunless tan lotions instead of exposing yourself to dangerous Ultra Violet rays continues to strengthen.

Women who visit a tanning salon at least once a month are 55 percent more likely to develop skin melanoma, so quotes Ally Dukkers writing on the California State University, Chico website ‘The Orion.’ She also relates how the American Academy of Opthalmology reports how the use of sunbeds can damage your eyes.

Ally freely admits to having had an obsession with tanning beds and an addiction with ‘turning a shade darker.’ Now she is a mother the life-threatening activities she used to indulge in are no longer attractive.

Read the whole fascinating article on The Orion website.

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More Reasons To Use Sunless Tan Lotions


Following the previous post on skin cancer, two items of news have helped the case for sunless tan lotions.

The first is, following recent worrying statistics and some accidents, the introduction of legislation by the English parliament which makes it an offence for any person under the age of 18 to use a sunbed in England and Wales. This is already the case in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Also required by law is the supervision of all people using sunbeds.

Read more on this story here.


At the same time, the good people at Proto-col health and beauty have produced some great offers on their sunless tan lotions and related products.

For example, if you buy two cans of the Golden Glow tanning mist, you will get a free tube of tan extender lotion. Or, if you are preparing your tan for the summer, for only £29.95 you can buy the Ultimate Tan bag containing a selection of tanning products, including a tan mitt to apply tanning lotion.

(Sadly this promotion is no longer available but there are some excellent offers available online)

Beautiful Suntanned Girl In White Outfit


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