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Worrying Skin Cancer Figures Prove The Case For Sunless Tan Lotions

A Group Of People Sunbathing


A press release from the British charity Cancer Research UK has shown the incidences of skin cancer continuing to rise.

Their figures show that two young people under 35 in Britain are diagnosed with melanoma every day. This equates to 5.9 people per 100 000 and 900 in total during 2008.

This is compared with 290 young people suffering the condition thirty years ago and 1.8 per 100 000.

Over all age groups the increase is 8.5%.

The cause of course is too much exposure to the sun. Sunbeds are not helpful either: Cancer Research UK have found that use of a sunbed by people under 35 can increase the chances of melanoma by 75%.

To read the full press release, click here.

So what can be done? There is still a demand for a tanned body so the answer must be to use one of the many sunless tan lotions available. These have had significant improvements in quality and effectiveness in recent years.

And cover up in the sun of course.


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Spring Means Thinking About Your Tan


Beautiful Tanned Girl In Summer Dress Posing On Her Front

Spring is here! The northern hemisphere is at last finding the warmer weather.

Many people are now thinking about holidays or at least about wearing less clothing and so showing more skin. As a result, how the skin looks is more of a consideration – particularly the colour of the skin.

One option of course is to spend time lying on a sunbed and yet there are worries about the safety of this practice (see this previous article).

These days sunless tan lotions are much more effective so should at least be considered.

There are ways to apply the sunless tan lotions to get the best effect however. A great article giving tips for fake tanning is to be found on the Women In Spain website and is well worth a read.

Don’t forget to look after your skin as well as improve the colour!


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